Love First Sight

It's mainly about this young 15 year old girl name Jasmine fell deeply in love with Justin who is a skater dude who loves to hang with friends who are mostly drug dealers. Justin on the other hand is a sweet guy with a great heart but Justin's friends don't want him dating Jasmine cause she's girly and mainly boring to them so instead they all want Justin to get a hot chick who got a good body so they can both have one night for quick and dirty but Justin is not that type of guy but with his friends he acts different. Do u think Justin would do anything to be by Jasmine's side forever? Or will he betray her and hang with his friends to the end of time?


4. Watching Netflix

Finally got home and justin couldn't wait to spend more time with you. He remembers that today is your last day cause your parents must be worried about you. He watches you as you sit on the couch. You tilt your head towards justin and notice him looking at you and say "what babe." He keeps on staring at you and one tear drops from his face and you tilt your entire body sitting down on the couch with your legs crisscrossed and begin to say "justin whats wrong." He looks at you and says "you leaving today and I don't know when I'm ever gonna see you again." You look at him and say "what do you mean." He looks down at the floor and starts to say "baby you going back home today cause your parents must be worried about you and I don't want to get you in trouble for not obeying them." You look at him and say " you know what you can do? He looks at you and says "what." Than you start off "well my mom is easy to convince by other people cause last time I remember my friend asked her permission to stay over at her house on that week of school and her mom would be in charge of taking me to school and she said it was fine but I know if I ask her she would have said no." Justin looks at you and says "well I can at least give it a try." He shrugs than you start to say "okay than come here my big teddy bear." He smiles and walks up to you sitting next to you while you grab the remote control and put on under the moonlight on Netflix while cuddling under blankets with justin.

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