Love First Sight

It's mainly about this young 15 year old girl name Jasmine fell deeply in love with Justin who is a skater dude who loves to hang with friends who are mostly drug dealers. Justin on the other hand is a sweet guy with a great heart but Justin's friends don't want him dating Jasmine cause she's girly and mainly boring to them so instead they all want Justin to get a hot chick who got a good body so they can both have one night for quick and dirty but Justin is not that type of guy but with his friends he acts different. Do u think Justin would do anything to be by Jasmine's side forever? Or will he betray her and hang with his friends to the end of time?


5. Trying To Convince My Mom

~Jasmine's POV~ i really was happy spending time with Justin, but i understand my parents might be a little worried about me, but don't they want their daughter to be happy?. i turn to look at Justin while the movie that we were watching on Netflix was over.   Jasmine:"So....are you still gonna try convincing my mom?"  he looks at me.    Justin:"Of course shawty.... i wanna spend more time with you.." i smiled.    Jasmine:"aww i love so much Justin.."    Justin:"i love you too." he gives me a quick peck on the lips.   Justin:"Alright lets go." i got up from the sofa and hold on to Justin's hand while walking out the door, towards his car. he opens the door for me.   Justin:"For you babeh." i blushed.  Jasmine:"Thank you babe." i got inside the car and waited for Justin to be inside. he opens the door from the other side and gets in.  Justin:"Buckle up." i put my seat belt as Justin did as well. he drove to my house.  ~14 minutes Later~ we arrived at home, Justin and i knock on my house door.  ~Knock Knock~ the door opens and there i see my mother next to it.    Mom:"Hey sweety." she kisses my cheek and gives me a hug.    Mom:Hey my daughter's friend." she looks at Justin and gives him a kiss on the cheek.   Mom:"Come in Come in.." Justin walks inside next to me while still holding on to my hand.     Justin:"Mam i have to tell you something." she begins to look at him.      Mom:"Yeah?"    Justin cleared his throat before he started to say anything again.     Justin:"Well.... i was just wondering.... if you give.....your daughter permission to stay over at my house which my mom's always home and....i wanted to spend more time with your daughter....and i wanted to ask you first before making you more worried." she smiled.   Mom:"Can i ask you a quick question?"     Justin:"Anything mam."    Mom:"What kind of relationship do you have towards my daughter?" she looked at him very serious. Justin swallowed while not knowing if he should tell her the truth. he looked at me making me signs of what he should say with his eyes. i closed my eyes and prayed to god that he wouldn't tell my mother he's my boyfriend cause she would literally kill me.   Justin:"Were just close friends that's all..." i breathed out in relief while looking at my mother waiting for her response.     Mom:"Well.. than... i guess she can stay at your house.... but i have to meet your mother first.." she gave him a friendly smile, i knew something was up.... i just couldn't believe my mother ughhh she's so damn over protective i wonder how Justin is gonna compromise her with her command. he looks at me while scratching his head and began to think.  Justin:"Mam thing is..... my mom works today and she works up can you meet her tomorrow around..... 12 pm?"  i looked at him, seriously at 12 pm? what the fuck was he thinking... if only she knew that his mother was murdered when he was a little boy and his father abounded him when she was only 8 months. i could see tears in Justin's eyes while he was talking about his mother... i felt like going up to him and hug him... but i would have to explain my mom so much more so i just left things how it was. she began to think and looked at Justin.    Mom:"Okay...I'll be waiting for her tomorrow than... and don't forget to please take care of my daughter."   Justin smiled at her.    Justin:"i sure will mam don't worry..." he takes my hand and walks out the door with me. once we got inside his car he took a deep breath. i turn to look at him        Jasmine:"Are you okay with all of this Justin?" he looks down at his feet and a tear falls down his cheek. he turns away to look at the window and decided to ignore me for a moment. i placed my hand on top of his shoulder and he broke down into tears.     Justin:"i okay...... Jasmine I'm.....soorry... ii.....don't think i your mother....."  i looked in front of the car and began to think laying my head back in the car seat.    Jasmine:"How about you pay a woman to act like your mother? that would work and my mom would totally fall for it.."  i smiled at my brilliant idea.    Justin:"And how we gonna find a woman like that?"   i smile evily.    Jasmine:"Well....i have a friend who is only 15 but she would do anything for money..."     Justin:" give me her number once we get home."   Jasmine:"Alright." i smiled.    Justin started the car and drove back to his house.  ~Arrived at Justin's House~    Justin:"Okay give me her number."    Jasmine:"okay..."  i take out my phone and began looking through my contacts for her until i found her.    Jasmine:"Okay i got it!... its 764-321-5657."    ~Justin Dialing My Friend~   Friend:"Hello??    Justin:"Yeah hello um... I'm calling cause i wanted to know if your Jasmine's friend?"      Friend:"Yes why?"     Justin:"Well i have a situation... I'm Jasmine's Boyfriend and her mother is over protective so... i she decided she wanted to spend time with me in my house and.... her mother accepted but she also said.... she wants to meet my mother by tomorrow at 12 pm..."     Friend:"Okay?"    Justin:"Thing is my mom is dead and.... i wanted to ask you if you can pretend to be my mother for tomorrow so that way Jasmine can stay with me in my house."     Friend:"Well i can do that... but if you pay me... besides I'm doing you a favor i need an award for it..."   Justin:"Okay fine.... how much do you want?"    Friend:"Hmmm... how about 300 dollars?"   Justin:"Um.... alright than... tomorrow you be at my house at 11 pm okay so i can give you the money and train you?"   Friend:"Alright seems like a deal."  Justin hangs up and looks at me.    Justin:"She said she's okay with that and i needa pay her 300 dollars so she be coming by tomorrow around 11 pm."   Jasmine:"You see now there's no worrying about if my mother won't let me stay at your house."   Justin smiled and sat next to to me in the sofa while wrapping his arms around me while we both fell asleep in each others arms.

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