Fairy Dust

This is a story about a fairy named Kamdyn. She's in a magical forest where all of the fairies live.One day when Kamdyn left the fairy village she got captured by the evil witch named Amber. Amber took her to the castle where Amber takes all of the fairies.


3. The Wicked Witch

            On the way to the castle she saw squirrels running up and down the trees, all of the trees had bright red shiny apples on them. There were no clouds in the sky and the weather was very sunny and there were no breeze in the air. Finally when she got to the castle. she knocked on the door and the witch answered the witch looks like a frogs butt, green but also lots of moles and   her name is Amber shes also very small.

"What do you want." the witch said in  a very screechy voice.

"I want to know why you always mess around Fairy village. you wouldn't like it if I messed around with your castle." Said Kamdyn

"Well its really fun messing around but I would hate for your kind to mess around with me, so ill stop messing around." Said Amber

"Really."Replied  Kamdyn

"yah it's worth of a try." Said Amber

After that Kamdyn and Goldy came back to the village everybody crowded them and all asked the same question what did she say to you.

"She said that she would stop throwing bombs down to us." Said Kamdyn

"Yay." Said everybody

"How did you get her to stop attacking at us." Asked Rylee

"I don't know all I said was: would you like it if our kid attacked at you guys and Amber said no. thats how I covinced her. Answered Kamdyn.

But she wasn't done she just wanted to tell Kamdyn that she was done attacking them so she wouldn't talk to her anymore well she hoped.By the next morning Amber struck again.  so Kamdyn , Goldy and Rylee all went to ask her the same questions and they just got the same answers. After they talked Kamdyn, Goldy and Rylee went back to Fairy Village and hoped she would not attacked again. Well a weeks gone past and the witch struck every morning so we had to put a stop to it.

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