Fairy Dust

This is a story about a fairy named Kamdyn. She's in a magical forest where all of the fairies live.One day when Kamdyn left the fairy village she got captured by the evil witch named Amber. Amber took her to the castle where Amber takes all of the fairies.


2. Just Being Fairies

          "I'm going to collect berries. I'll be back in about half hour." Kamdyn told Rylee

"Ok." Answered Rylee

While Kamdyn was on her walk to the forest. She spotted a bird on the ground.She went to go check it out. The bird must've fallen out of the tree up above her. The bird was a golden color and it had a white belly.Instead of  collecting berries she picked up the bird and flew back to the village. She went into her house and Kamdyn called the vet and the vet said it was only a break in and I kept the bird. I named her Goldy. Kamdyn and Goldy go went to bed for the night. In the morning she washed her wings, ate all of her breakfast and brushed her wings. Kamdyn was finished everything she wanted to do. Except buy a cage for Goldy, she went to go looking for a cage made out of twigs. She went to go looking for twigs and she remembered she would also need some berries. After she found some twigs she went to go grab berries.When she got back the  village was destroyed

"What happened, here." Asked Kamdyn

"The witch struck again and destroyed the place." Answered Rylee

"I'm getting sick and tired of that evil green thing, flying around here and throwing bombs all over the place." Yelled Kamdyn

"Kamdyn you don't have to get so mad." Exclaimed Rylee

"Well I had enough of that green  thing."Said Rylee

"Why don't you just go over to her castle and talk to her?" Said Rylee

"I have a better Idea." Said Kamdyn

"Don't get me involved." Said Rylee

' I wont don't you worry." Said Kamdyn

Kamdyn would leave in the morning with Goldy.

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