Fairy Dust

This is a story about a fairy named Kamdyn. She's in a magical forest where all of the fairies live.One day when Kamdyn left the fairy village she got captured by the evil witch named Amber. Amber took her to the castle where Amber takes all of the fairies.


1. Magic In The Sky

           As Kamdyn  was walking in the magical forest her green hair flowing in the breeze and her wings swaying back and forth.She entered Fairy Village, it was silent and nobody could be seen. The minute she walked to the water fall she looked behind her and saw everybody and a big sign saying happy birthday.

 "Happy birthday" said all the fairies in Fairy Village.

"Thanks guys. I thought you forgot." said Kamdyn.

After she was done opening presents and eating her cake the very last person to give her a present was her best friend named Rylee she had brown hair with pink streaks and she had a big heart. She was also very shy but once you get to know her she never stops talking. Rylee gave Kamdyn her present and it was more pixie dust.

" It was just in case you run out while your flying" said Rylee

"Aw thanks your the best friend any girl could have" said Kamdyn.

After her party it started to get dark. So Kamdyn, Rylee and all of the others went to bed. In the morning they all got out of bed and did their usual washed their wings, had breakfast and brushed their teeth. After doing their morning usual Kamdyn headed to the waterfall. Kamdyn wanted a drink of water. So she headed to the waterfall

Rylee came up behind her and said, "What cha doin"

"Just getting a drink of water" answered Kamdyn.


"Ok, after your done I have a surprise for you." Said Rylee

She walked away. After Kamdyn was done she went to Rylee's house. Rylee took her to the surprise. The surprise was a underground tunell. It was filled with pixie dust, it was the most beautiful thing she's ever seen. It was a gold type and sparkles everywhere Kamdyn started to dance around and fly in there.

"Why didn't you tell me this before?" Said Kamdyn

"Wanted to tell you when you turned 19. Said Rylee

"Aw I love you. as a friend (not to make it weird or anything)."Said Kamdyn




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