A Very Wanted Christmas?!

One Direction were having a great year. They couldn't wait for the happiest time of the year. Christmas. But what happens when the very jealous The Wanted steps in and steals all their platinum records and fans by brainwashing them? Stealing every song and every commercial? Every tour, every hairstyle? Will they ever get things back to normal? Or will they lose all their hard work? Find out in A Very Wanted Christmas?!


4. Things just got real

Niall's POV

We were escorted out the plane and an unmarked black van waited for us. "We'll follow you for safety." One of the men in the suits say hopping into their van. I don't know what it is but they give me a bad feeling. I climbed into the back along with Zayn and Harry. I sat in the middle and Liam hopped into the driver's seat, Louis the passenger. We drove away from the airport and into the main streets. Louis unfolded the map. I look back and see the men in the suits in their tinted van following closely behind. "Guys, is it just me or do those men give you a bad feeling?" "It's just you." Louis mumbles pointing to where Liam should turn. "No, it's not Niall. I feel it too. You think it's a setup?" Zayn agrees. "You guys are just paranoid." Harry hums, too relaxed. I shake him. "Why are you waking me?" He groans. "We need you a hundred percent awake! No half awake Harry! You understand!" I shake a finger in his face. He sighs and nods. I smile to myself. I'm doing a great job. Maybe I could be like a spy if this boy band thing doesn't work out. "Alright turn here Payno." Louis directs. We turn and suddenly the friendly streets are gone and it's dark and a whole lot scarier than earlier. We stop at a red light looking around. "This place gives me the creeps." Zayn whispers. We all nod. Suddenly there's a low groaning sound. We look around, out the window. We keep the windows up. "It's okay guys. It's probably our imagin-" Liam was cut off as hobos attacked the car. rocking it side to side. We all let out screams as one walks to the front climbing onto the hood of the car. He slams his hand on the window. "I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE!" Liam cries. "I'VE GOT THE BEST BUM EVER! I CAN'T DIE!" Louis screams. I can't help but laugh. "DRIVE LIAM!" Zayn shouts. "I CAN'T THE LIGHT'S STILL RED!" He turns around his voice filled with pure terror. Harry's sobbing, slapping at the window and mumbling things. I'm scared so much I might pee myself. "I WANNA GO HOME!" Harry bawls. I look at the light it's green. "THE LIGHT'S GREEN!" I scream as one of the hobos grab at the door handle. Liam takes off hitting one of the hobos the other still on the windshield. "GET OFF THE CAR!" Liam shouts. Louis turn the windshield wipers on and the most amazing thing happens. The hobo grabs the wipers moving side to side and Louis turn on the little spray thing which gets in his eyes. He let's a girly scream and falls off the car. "YES!" We all shout. "We're alive!" I rejoice. We all chuckle. "I love you guys." Harry calms down. "Love you too mate." Liam smiles. "Guys, I think we're here." Zayn points to the building. We park and check the time. 10:00! "Guys we only have an hour!" I point out. We all jump out quickly. "Yep. This is the place." I bite my lip, my heart's beating way too fast to be alive. "Abandoned Warehouse." Harry read the big rusty sign at the top of the building. "Gee, who would have thought." Louis jokes, we all laugh. I look back and the guys in the suits are following at a far distance. I shake it off, maybe they didn't want to be seen. "Guys we gotta get moving." Liam says. We all start running towards the building. He pulls the big door open and it creaks loudly. We walk in and it slams behind us. "Creepy." Harry mumbles. I immediately see the machine which isn't too small. It's really tall. "Whoa." We say in unison. "Let's get this thing destroyed." Louis cheers running up the stairs. Suddenly men with guns popped out and my hands automatically go up. The Wanted members walk out, laughing evilly. It's all over now.  

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