A Very Wanted Christmas?!

One Direction were having a great year. They couldn't wait for the happiest time of the year. Christmas. But what happens when the very jealous The Wanted steps in and steals all their platinum records and fans by brainwashing them? Stealing every song and every commercial? Every tour, every hairstyle? Will they ever get things back to normal? Or will they lose all their hard work? Find out in A Very Wanted Christmas?!


5. Never turn your back.

Louis' POV

I stayed silent at the top of the stairs and quietly inching closer to the machine. Watching the scene unfold. "We were expecting you boys." Max says. I can hear the smile on his face. Yes, I can hear it. Got a problem with it? I don't care! "You guys are total creeps." Niall sasses. I hold in my laugh. I've taught him so well. "It doesn't matter cause we're gonna win cause as soon as it reaches 11:00 all your stuff is ours." Tom continues. What that makes no sense! It's 12:00! "You mean 12:00. Right? Cause Andrew and Simon said 12:00." Harry questioned. They just laughed. It clicked and I think it clicked with the boys by the chorus of oh no. This whole time when they said they took everything they took management too. The jet, it was a setup! The men in the suits! Niall was right! I can't believe this. "Consider One Direction over." Nathan laughed. I looked beside me and there was a little box with switches. I read them over.


"Turn the power off for Evil Machine."

"Destroy The Wanted + Men In Suits"

"Self Destruct for Abandoned Warehouse."

Holy! This is perfect for this situation! Except the lights part. Or is it? I've got a plan.

"As long as the power is delivered to this machine we will have control until 11:00 where it become permanent and there is no need for the machine." Jay explains. That's just the info I need Jay, thank you very much. I grabbed my iPhone and checked the time. 10:50. OH NO! 10 MINUTES! It's time to put this plan in action!

I flicked the lights off. "Hey! What happened to the lights?" Siva screamed. I quickly shut the power off on the machine. It made this loud bang and the lights on it went out. "OH NO! The power went out!" Tom cries. "I told you guys an abandoned warehouse isn't dependable on power!" Nathan throws his arms up. I flipped the Destroy The Wanted switch and robots surrounded them. My eyes widened and I flicked the lights back on. "Whoa." The boys say looking around. "DESTROY THE WANTED AND MEN IN SUITS!" The robots chanted. The Wanted and the men scattered screaming as Lasers were shot around the room.

"BOYS! UP HERE!" I wave my arms. They all looked up and smiled. "No! You've ruined our plan!" Nathan screams. Niall laughs. "You can't ruin something that was never...wanted!" Niall sassed. I laughed and with that flicked the self destruct switch. "SELF DESTRUCT ACTIVATED. 10, 9, 8" I ran down the stairs. "Let's go!" I screamed. We ran out and into the van. Liam didn't even buckle up we quickly drove off. He stopped for a second and we looked back. The building blew up in a ball of flames. "SICK!" We all scream and drive off.

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