A Very Wanted Christmas?!

One Direction were having a great year. They couldn't wait for the happiest time of the year. Christmas. But what happens when the very jealous The Wanted steps in and steals all their platinum records and fans by brainwashing them? Stealing every song and every commercial? Every tour, every hairstyle? Will they ever get things back to normal? Or will they lose all their hard work? Find out in A Very Wanted Christmas?!


2. It all came crashing down

Louis' POV

I laughed with Lottie at the cheesy cartoon on the TV that the twins were watching. My iPhone began to ring and my mum sent me a glare. I checked the Caller ID. Simon. I mouthed a "sorry" and walked into the kitchen answering the phone. "This better be good Simon! I'm gonna be in a lot of trouble with my mum." I sassed. "It is. The Wanted have stolen everything that belongs to One Direction." "Everything?" I gasp. "From fans to Awards." My jaw drops. "Every single fan? How?" "They brainwashed them with a machine and you need to fix it before our Christmas Album comes out." "A Very Directioner Christmas?" I ask. "Yes! That's supposed to be our biggest CD yet!" He screams, clearly stressed. "How do we fix this?" "Come to SyCo Records now. The others are on their way." "Now?" I ask, taking a peek out the door at my family laughing. "NOW OR NEVER!" He shouts hanging up. I sigh, slipping my iPhone in my back pocket. Maybe I can just slip out. I sneaked past the couches and opened the closet door revealing the jackets. They laughed loudly and I took the chance to yank off  my jacket off the hanger. I slipped the jacket on and zipped it up and tied up my trainers. I grabbed my keys my hand on the door knob. "Where are you going Louis?" Fizzy asks. "Emergency at SyCo. I gotta go. Bye. Love you. I'll be back. Promise." I blow a kiss and lock the door, running out to the Range Rover parked on the driveway. I climbed in the car and started it up driving away from my house.


 I let out a big sigh as I sat in between a tipsy Niall and an angry Zayn. "Okay so you boys are gonna go to the United States of America." Niall began giggling. Simon rolled his eyes. As Andrew one of the managers continued. "You'll go here to this abandoned warehouse where The Wanted keep the machine that keeps the Directioners under their control. Also all the albums and etc belonging to them. You'll destroy the machine and everything will be restored and at exactly 11:00 you'll catch our jet back. If you aren't on that jet by 11:00 you'll be stuck in the US for Christmas. Understood?" We were all taken back by this happening but somehow managed to pull out a "yeah" "Alright, here's the map and I've also texted you the info. So you should be able to stay on track. If you don't destroy the machine and it stands till 12:00 AM it's all over." Niall was just tipsy so he only had a tiny slur when he asked a question. "What's all over?" "One Direction." He says seriously. We all exchange glances. I burst out laughing. "Alright guys enough with the jokes. What's really going on?" I blink away a tear that was actually forming in my eye. "I'm serious Louis William Tomlinson. Now go boys. To the Airport. Now! You're wasting precious time!" We all stumbled out the meeting room. The boys scurried out the door, but I kept walking. This isn't real. It's all a dream. I drank way too much Eggnog. That's it. It's all a dream. They hopped into the van and I continued walking. "Louis! RUN!" Harry screamed. I just laughed and continued walking. "LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON MOVE YOUR BUTT NOW! OR ELSE I'LL MOVE IT FOR YOU!" Zayn screamed. I ran as fast as I could and jumped into the van slamming the door as Liam drove off so fast the tires screeched. This may be a dream, but it getting way to serious.

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