A Very Wanted Christmas?!

One Direction were having a great year. They couldn't wait for the happiest time of the year. Christmas. But what happens when the very jealous The Wanted steps in and steals all their platinum records and fans by brainwashing them? Stealing every song and every commercial? Every tour, every hairstyle? Will they ever get things back to normal? Or will they lose all their hard work? Find out in A Very Wanted Christmas?!


3. How exactly do you do this

Liam's POV

We ran up the steps saying a quick hello to the guy in the suit. We sat in the seats, buckling our seatbelts. Our jet took off like that and we were in the air. "Guys this is really happening." Zayn says, clearly shocked at the events. "Shocking ain't it?" Niall asked. "Not really, I mean The Wanted had it out for us the whole time. I saw it coming." Louis smiles He seems to think this is a joke. "Lou I know it's your birthday and all. But this is serious and our careers are on the line." he CHUCKLES. "Yes, it is my birthday! Niall why haven't you said happy birthday to me?!" He screamed. Niall just shrugged and went back to his phone. He lets out a scream and drops his iPhone on the ground. "What the heck Niall?!" Harry screams, clearly he was trying to sleep and Niall was disturbing him. "T-t-twitter. The f-f-followers." He stuttered. I looked at Twitter. Niall's account had 0. I had 0. Louis had 0. Zayn had 0! HARRY HAD 0! I showed the boys. "This is way too real." Harry mumbles, tugging at his curls. I smiled I just realized his hair was down again. I preferred this Harry to the other older looking one. I exited Twitter and opened Google as Niall mumbled things to himself. I typed One Direction. One story popped up. "One Direction. The most unpopular band. Ever." My eyes widened. I showed the boys. "What?! We're the richest boy band ever!" Louis shouts clearly offended. I rolled my eyes and typed in Sugarscape. I tapped on it and instead of it being full with One Direction it was full of the Wanted.

"Nathan sassiest member of them all?"

"The Wanted bring home all awards nominated for. Beating One Direction once again! Whoop!"

"The Wanted: Possibly the best boy band. Ever."

I shake my head, putting the phone down on the chair. This is all too much. "We can't do it." "Our careers are over." I continue. "Our Christmas album, our biggest album yet. Just. Gone! We'll never fix this. One Direction is officially over." I finish. "Alright stop being so negative! We never know until we try so just shut up and let's plan this out." Louis says, pulling the map out and places it on the ground we all make a circle around it. "Here's the plan."


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