Drowning Love

Salayna had her scars and lots of them to .She was raped at a young age and now has a verbally abusive step father. But when she tries to escape everything he ends up saving her. He is there to listen to her ,care for her and love her. Will she trust him enough to tell him everything? What will happen when she is forced to move to Germany? What happens when the plane there has mechanical problems??will they keep in touch?? Will she fall for him??Will she love him? Will he be able to fix her???? -Niall Horan Fanfic


6. So much for a party

"Let the Partay begin!"

"Wait I almost forgot Niller did you guys get the stuff?!?"

"Of course I did! hers the bag." Niall handed it over I searched through to make sure that everything was there but he forgot the damn cookie dough how could he forget!

"Get out my house boy !" I yelled with a ghetto accent ( if there is a ghetto accent).

Niall looked shocked.

"What'd I do?"

"You forgot the cookie dough!meaning you can't be here.Cause we have to go to the store now cause you were being forgetful!"

"I'm sorry layner." Niall gave me the most adorable puppy dog look on his face.

"Forgive me Layner pie?"

"Ugh! Nialler pie , maybe but as long as you take me to the store to fix your crucial mistake!"

"Girls I'm leaving with snowflake here to get us some FOOOOOOODDDDDD we will be back soon! peace BEACHES!!"

With that I grabbed Niall's hand and headed out side leaving Harry with the other two girls.

We got in Niall's car and started to drive to the store.It was a short drive so on the ride there we just asked each other random questions like what the other persons favorite color was and stuff like that.


"Where's the mother flupping cookie dough isle?!?!" I ran down the store looking and acting like a crazy 5 year old. I know I'm almost 18 and I'm as mature as a 10 year old boy. Get over it.

"Layner it's over her!"

"Thanks Nialler!"

I was about to grab a pack but then I got a text. I pulled out my phone and checked it.

From: Mom

Salayna, I know you went to the store with Niall but I need you back here soon. I need to talk to you about something important.

I immediately got tense what did she want to talk about? Was it about him. I started to feel tears well in my eyes just thinking about him.

Niall noticed my state and I quickly tried to get my self together. I never liked people seeing me when I broke down. I had to be strong. I was strong.

"Layner , What is it? What's wrong?"

"Um it's nothing don't worry about it."

Niall put his finger under my chin so that I was looking into his eyes instead of the tile in the supermarket. Gosh his eyes were beautiful. I but I knew I could never fall for him he was this wonderful ,amazing, sweet, caring, beautiful boy and me? I was used I was trash I was useless and ugly. His words broke me out of my thought.

"Salayna, who is your family running from?"

He asked me the question I've been dreading for so long. How could I avoid it this time? I couldn't. But I still tried.

"It's nothing Niall. I don't want to burden you with my problems. We just met..."

"No. I want to know , I want to help you and your family, I want to be there for you. I don't know what it is about you but you make me want to learn everything about you. Just please Salayna I want to be there for you and to protect you."

I could see that in his eyes he really meant those beautiful words he had just spoken to me in this crummy store.

"I-I-I'm running from my step dad. Obviously he's not the best guy considering we are running from him.He has done some pretty horrible things to this family and we had to leave and well he didn't like that."

"What did he do to you."

I turned me face away from Niall.

"I don't like talking about it. But we have to go my mom wants me back she said she's got something to tell me."


Niall grabbed the cookie dough and we headed to the check out line as we walked he tried to help comfort me by putting his arm over my shoulder.

The ride back home was silence except for the radio but it was a good peaceful kind of silence.


We walked into the house and I gave Niall the grocery bag and told him to go ahead up stairs and I said I'd be up in a minute. Before he left he grabbed my hand and squeezed it sympathetically then headed upstairs.

I walked to the guest room where my mother was staying. I pushed the door open and saw her sitting in the bed staring at the computer screen she looked like she was in quite a deep thought.

"Hey mom." my voice cracked a little so I cleared it to remove any sings of hurt or sadness.

"Hey honey I need to talk to you about something..." she trailed off. I began getting nervous wondering what it was she was about to tell me.

"Honey you know yours and your brothers safety is my biggest priority. And being any where near him jeopardizes that so after you graduate..."

Oh gosh don't say what I think you're gonna say please please don't say....

"We are moving to Germany."

At that very moment my heart crumbled to a thousand pieces. I mean don't get me wrong I'd love to live there but Colorado is my home .

"I know you will be 18 not to long from now but you aren't 18 yet so you will be moving with me.Your brother is not coming he got accepted into the school of mines so he will be leaving before we do."

"Um well that great for Jarren. uh yea I guess moving will be great!" I said with a fake smile knowing deep down I was hurting more than ever.

I smiled and left the room. I walked up stairs to Carter's room I heard laughing and happiness coming from the room and I wished I could have that. I pushed the door open and walked in and sat down in the circle with a fake smile plastered on my face but everyone could see through it this time.

Phoenix spoke up breaking the silence.

"What's wrongs Salayna?"

I looked to Niall . He gave me this look that comforted me his eyes told me that it was okay to show I was hurting and that I should tell everyone what my mom had said. He placed his hand on my knee in a comforting manner.

"I-i- i'm ..... I'm moving ................to Germany."


A/n : what'd you guys think?!?! Did I surprise you ? hmmmm I'm trying my best to make it unpredictable. but yea I'll probably update another chapter today cause I have the day off so comment/vote if you want another update!Thanks guys! I love you my lovelys!!!


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