Drowning Love

Salayna had her scars and lots of them to .She was raped at a young age and now has a verbally abusive step father. But when she tries to escape everything he ends up saving her. He is there to listen to her ,care for her and love her. Will she trust him enough to tell him everything? What will happen when she is forced to move to Germany? What happens when the plane there has mechanical problems??will they keep in touch?? Will she fall for him??Will she love him? Will he be able to fix her???? -Niall Horan Fanfic


7. Colorado Bucket List

Niall's POV

I didn't know how I felt about what Salayna just said. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I had only known the girl for a few days but I felt like I needed to protect her and be with her whether we were just friends or something more...

I quickly made eye contact with Salayna but darted my eyes away to look at the floor.

Phoenix and Carter looked like they might burst into tears I couldn't imagine what they felt like.

"why?" Harry blurted out.

I knew he didn't mean to be rude but I mean geez man cut her a break I nudged him with my shoulder.

"I just have too...I'm sorry", Salayna looked more hurt than anyone else I knew more than anything she would rather stay here then move to a place where she wouldn't know anyone. At the same time though it made me feel comforted to know she would be safe.

"I'm not leaving just yet, She stuttered " I have about 2 and a half weeks before I go so we can make the best of it"! She smiled shyly trying to ease the silence in the room.

Phoenix and Carter got up slowly to hug Salayna tightly.

" I can visit a ton because my grandparents live there!" Phoenix said excitedly knowing it would make her feel better.

Salayna smiled and gave her a tight squeeze.

Carter stood there awkwardly and still in shock.

"I'm really going to miss you.. But I know a lot of places that we can go before you leave! Get your bucket list ready woman"!

This seemed to make everyone smile even Salayna who laughed her beautiful laugh which made her ten times more attractive for some reason.

Carter turned to look at Harry and I.

"You guys don't mind sticking around for awhile while we come up with fun things to do before she leaves do you?"

We both shook our heads. I mean it meant spending more time with Salayna for me and for Harry I'm pretty sure he was pleased with hanging out with three pretty girls in general.

"Ok great, Carter said let's get to it!"

" I can't wait!"Salayna said innterupting my thoughts. "Hey we still haven't made the cookies ya know and I'm always in the mood Soooo... Cookie time?!"

I laughed and we all headed downstairs to make them. It amazed me how well she handled the situation she was just put in and how strong she really was.


Salayna's POV

Beep beep beep

That heavenly sound meant the cookies were done!


They all rushed in as I pulled them out putting a few on plates and getting milk. while the cookies were baking we decided to start my Colorado bucket list. We were already a decent way through.We were able to make this only because technically I was already out of school I just had to go back for a couple hours to take my finals then wait for the graduation ceremony. Which the day after that I'd be leaving... For Germany. I was excited to move I've always wanted to go somewhere out of the country but also really disappointed. Harry , Niall and the rest of the boys had decided to accompany us girls with completing my Colorado bucket list but they had to leave a few days before me to finish off the last couple of shows on there your before returning home. The sad thing was I knew after they left I would once again become just another fan in the crowd and I didn't want that.


"Well girls this has been one of the best parties ever! but.. Harry and I should get going it's getting late but we'll see you guys tomorrow to begin the great Colorado bucket list!"

I loved they way Niall said Colorado. His accent was beautiful.Wait what am I saying. I need to stop and just remember after these two weeks I'll just be another fan in the crowd.Niall snapped me back to reality.

"Salayna! hello earth to layner!!!!"

"What huh?sorry"

"I just wanted a hug." oh my his laugh was so adorable. wait stop !

"Yea of course you can have one."

As our skin touched I felt sparks. As he held me in his arms I felt safe for the first time in a long time. He quietly whispered something in my ear.

"Stay strong layner pie text me or call me if you need something. I wanna help and protect you. Always remember that."

And in that moment I knew I didn't have a choice. I was indeed falling for this boy.


A/N: so I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! the first half was written by my lovely best friend she is starting her own book on Wattpad so I'll let you know when she posts it cause I know it will be great! more updates coming soon my lovelys!!!!!!!

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