Drowning Love

Salayna had her scars and lots of them to .She was raped at a young age and now has a verbally abusive step father. But when she tries to escape everything he ends up saving her. He is there to listen to her ,care for her and love her. Will she trust him enough to tell him everything? What will happen when she is forced to move to Germany? What happens when the plane there has mechanical problems??will they keep in touch?? Will she fall for him??Will she love him? Will he be able to fix her???? -Niall Horan Fanfic


1. Drowning Love

"Salayna, get your brother and pack your bags we can't be here it's not safe ,hurry !"

I ran down stairs to get my brother and tell him we had to leave now!

"Jared we have to leave pack a bag ,he did something bad ...again."

Now who was I referring to you may ask ah well none other than my wonderful step father *add the sarcasm*

I loved my step dad I really did but I just never admitted it considering the way he tore this family apart in these past few months.

He had been around since as long as I can remember and my mother and him had been married for 8 years now I was all fine until a few months ago.

He started staying late for 'work'.

He started fights with my mom on purpose.

And a whole bunch of other crap.

"Salayna! Jared ! lets go now I don't want to be here when he gets back!"

My mom snapped me out of my thoughts , I wondered if this would be the last time I would see my house. I took one last look at my room and shut the door leaving my past life back in that room.

"I'm coming mom!"

I knew when things had to do with him that I should just shut up and obey my mom.

We all got in the car and started heading to a hotel.


"Here is your keys to your room ma'am floor 6 room 247."

"Thank you "

My mom was still a little in shock after what had just happened with my step dad. See what happened was my step dad was out with a friend looking at this house for sale, at night. They had permission to be there but the neighbors didn't know that. So the neighbors ended up calling the cops because the said there was 'suspicious activity' and My step dad just talked to the police and explained why they were there but his friend was an idiot and was already on probation so he thought he was going back to jail and decided to run ad then start to open fire at the police. The sad thing was that I had spent Christmas with the guy and I really liked him and thought he was pretty cool but it turns out he was a manic. You think you know someone.

I took my hotel key and slid it on the handle and opened our room door.

I quickly grabbed my swim suit to change I was going to go down to the pool to clear my head and try to understand what had just happened. I shut and locked the door behind me. I started to undress and put my swim suit on. It was a bikini I normally hated wearing bikinis because I was super insecure about my body, but this was all I had time to grab when I was in a rush.

I was finally dress and just stared at my body in the mirror picking out each end every flaw

My stomach isn't flat enough

I don't have a thigh gap

I have small stretch marks

I had almost no chest

I wished my hair was longer

I hate acne

My nose looks funny...

And the list just kept going on.

I through on my cover up and grabbed a towel.

"Mom, I'm going to the pool , be back soon."

And with that I left.

I got in the elevator and hit the lobby button. I was the only person in the elevator and I was happy about that I really wasn't in the mood to be talked to.


The doors opened and I headed straight for the pool trying to avoid people.

Yes it was the beginning of January here in Colorado which meant it was snowing but to my luck the pool was heated.

I scanned the pool area to my luck (again) no one was there. Perfect!

I quickly took off my cover up justing case someone walked in.

I dived right into the pool ignoring the 'no diving sign' the pool was 6feet deep so I could care less.

The water felt amazing against my skin it was warm and eased all my aching pains. I came to the surface to get a quick breath and went back under.

I went to sit at the very bottom of the pool I always liked doing that down there no one could talk to me or hurt me it. It was just me and my thoughts.

Niall's POV

The lads and I wanted to be somewhere new and cold for our Christmas break so we all decided to go to Colorado considering when had only been there once and that they didn't have many paps.

We stayed at a regular hotel hoping no paps could find us.

When we arrived I had a strange urge to go swimming.

"Hey boys want to go swimming with me?"

"No!" Harry wasn't in such a good mood the whole flight here the women behind him kept kicking his seat and yelling in German at him.

"Niall, it was a long flight here and I think we should all just go to bed."

Liam being a party pooper as always.

So that just left Zayn and Louis , I knew Zayn wouldn't go because he can't swim so that just left Louis.


"Sorry mate Im gonna hit the hay."

"I see how it is! Only my food loves me and you guys wonder why I eat so much, food is the only thing there for me! I'll just go by myself!!"

"Ha okay ,but mate you're mental. Have fun." Gee thanks Lou!

So I headed up to our room and changed and went down to the pool.

I kinda hopped no one would be there so I could just be alone. Its always good to have some alone time especially when you're a popster it's good to have relaxin moments.

I open the gate and head in I didn't see anyone in there. YES! I took off my shirt and set my towel down as soon as I set my towel down I realize there's something in the pool I couldn't tell what it was so I moved a little closer to see.

It was a person!



Cliff hanger hanging from a cliff and that why he's called Cliff hanger!!!! no? no? okay ha so you guys like it so far ??? hope so ha so few things about me

1.im a freshmen

2.im 14

3 I love photography ,writing and dance

4 my name is Alayna ( pronounced ah-lane-a just like the lead character hers is just sah-lane-a ha see what I did there ??oh ur not laughing oh well!

So I will try to update at least once a week if not more I love all feed back but no hate an if ANY of you guys need someone to talk to I'm ALWAYS here no matter what time it is or if u just need advice or need me to listen I'm here I'm young but been through a lot so I'm sure I could help!

Well I'm going to go now I never read long a/n's ha I'm such a bad reader well until next time bye my lovelys !!!💜


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