Lonely Without You!

Marie as always a good girl. She did what she was asked and was just like her older brother. At least that's how things were before everything changed. Liam (her brother) left for X Factor. Now, she is considered a 'bad girl' and a 'heart-breaker' everyone knows that she changed (expect Liam) but everyone falls for her. But, she doesn't have crushes and she promised herself that she would never fall in love. She doesn't let people in because she is afraid to get hurt. But one boy by the name Louis Tomlinson might just change all of that. Will she let him in or ignore her feelings and just blow him off?

This is my first story so tell me what you think. Thx


1. Go kill Yourself

~Flash-Forward~ “Ms. Payne you’re on in five minutes!” “Thanks John!” I yelled back. I peeked on stage from behind the deep maroon curtains and saw all the fans screaming and I wondered “HOW DID MY WORLD GET TURNED UPSIDE DOWN?” I guess it all started the day my brother came home. Marie’s P.O.V I don’t care if he’s coming home today I’m not going to change my clothes and I’m defiantly not going to pretend to be little miss perfect. So go f*** yourself b****!” I yelled. “Watch your tongue little missy! Or have you forgotten that I gave birth to your sorry a**!” my mother yelled furiously at me. “How could I forget when you always compare me to Liam? Answer that s***!” I screamed as I stomped upstairs to my room. I slammed the door and walked up to the mirror. I never realized just how much I have changed since Liam left for the X Factor. My hair used to be an innocent, beautiful dirty blonde is now a midnight black with neon green tips. Since Liam left I didn’t want to be anything like him anymore I didn’t want to be a responsible, mature, do gooder, who leaves his little sister when she was beginning to be suicidal. He used to say he would help me no matter what. I still can’t believe that back then I thought he was being truthful. Cause apparently, his dreams is more important than the life of his sister. God I was so pissed off that I punched the mirror and left a crack down the middle just like my brother did to my heart. I was still so pissed off that I grabbed my black leather jacket and my purse and lest my room. As I went down stairs I put on my jacket. Once I got downstairs I yelled “Oh mother dear, I’m going out!” not knowing, or caring, where she was. “You’re not Marie! Get your butt in here and say hi to your brother and his friends!” She yelled walking out of the living room, glaring at me. “Oh, I wasn’t aware that the devil was home and that he brought people home.” I said as I walked into the living room and saw Liam and saw his HOT friends. What you think just because I don’t like Liam I won’t like his friends, YEAH RIGHT just look at them. Liam looked so shocked to see me like this. Good. “Hi Liam. I’m so glad you are home.” I said sarcastically. Then I turned to my mom, “Can I leave now?” I said annoyed. “Fine but when you come back you better be in a better mood.” “No promises!” I yelled as I turned away. I was on my way to the door when someone grabbed my arm. I tried to yank my arm back but whoever had my arm had a tight grip. “Let go!” I said through gritted teeth. “What happened to you?” said a very familiar voice. “And where are you going?” “What are you talking about I haven’t changed at all and its none of your business where I go. It hasn’t been your business since you abandoned me!” “What are you talking about I didn’t abandon you?” “Whatever. And why do you care all of a sudden?” “What I’ve always cared, Marie.” “CUT THE CRAP, WE BOTH KNOW THAT YOU NEVER CARED SO JUST LEAVE ME ALONE AND STAY OUT OF MY LIFE!!!!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. This took Liam and his friends by surprise, and Liam let go of my arm and I unlocked the door. Before I walked out I turned to see that everyone was staring at me. “Go kill yourself, mother******s!” I yelled before stepping outside and slamming the door shut. I walked down the driveway and got in my car. As I drove off I looked over my shoulder to see that everyone was outside shocked about the scene I just created. ~~~~~~~~ A/N So i don't know if I should keep going tell me what you think both good and bad THX Cookie
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