Law and Attration

If it is my job to love my enemy, then teach me how to love myself,
and If I cannot do that... Then the enemy will always win.


2. Office Lights - Introduction

It wasn't too early in the morning. Light enough to see the road ahead, yet dark enough to hide the crystals in your eyes. I slouched on the seat and lay my head back against the smudged, scratched glass, listening to the click clacks as the tram passed over the impediment sections in the track lining. It would turn a corner and make a large screeching sound, almost as if it were warning me that something bad was going to happen.The tram slowed as it reached the next stop, easing into the sea of lights which was the station. The red and white paint that covered the outside reflected the light, while the ash beneath the tram beckoned it. The inside of the tram was near to empty, a couple people got on, but as per normal, everyone else got off. There were tattered papers filling many a seat in front of me, shadowed by a paved flooring. Yellow poles stood from the seat edges and row edges, driving into the roof of the tram, embodied into a curved ceiling, glossed with white paint. It was a sight I see every day, and had come to be a sight for sore eyes.

I lean't over and grabbed the newspaper that resided opposite me, folding the crease in my rather rough right hand and pulling it onto my lap. I turned a few pages, turned a few more and then stopped. I held the page up to the sunlight to validate its validity, and then started to stare, aggressively at the 25 point writing burnt onto the page. "Urgent, Office Worker required, £50 per hour"... I almost jumped at the sight, throwing myself towards the paper with the strangest smile on my face. As the tram drew to a stop, I noted the address and then dashed through the double doors, flying up the downward escalators.

Rushing into the open square I paused to take a momentary breath, realizing that I had probably knocked over an elderly stroller, pregnant woman and a pram with a baby on my way here. Having felt light again, I raised my body, turning until my eyes met the office building.

'Twas a dark shade of black, with a clean white beading placed between each darkened pane of glass. The contrast left a bluely grey tint on the corner of the building while the darkness encapsulated any shadows from above it, making the sky seem as if it were heaven. The door was directly across the road, led by cobbled steps and brash with glass. Fixing my tie and straitening my suit I walked towards the building.

Coming face to face with the door was threatening, it was so much higher in class than I was, and with a fear of not wanting to touch it, I was just glad that it automatically opened. I walked into the prestigious lobby: leather couches, en suite free café, sleeping areas, flat screen walls, it was all too good to be true, too good for me to have anything to do with it.

"Hello, how can I help you sir?" A rather short yet extremely well dressed and well spoken woman came up to me as if I looked out of place, urging for me to answer respectfully or just walk out of the building. She had lightly tinted skin, a caramel colour, melting and forever watering your tongue. Her eyes brown, were like leaves, freshly fallen from the top of the apple tree, not trod on, and not tarnished. Her hair was curly black, wrapped down over her right shoulder with every strand of hair accurate, flowing in the right direction. A gold bracelet latched around her left arm that spelled out 'Pegasus', while her skin was pure, not smothered in make-up. As legit as you could get. There was a small pause, as I tried to track back over my train off though before it was captivated by her. "... Yeah, I saw this opening in the newspaper, I was wondering if it was still available?" I blurted simplistically, yet nervously.

"Oh, so you are the one we have been waiting for, indeed." She took a quick look up and down myself, then continued. "Follow me." She ended, walking off in the direction of the elevators. I followed, confused at what she meant but nonetheless willing to co-operate for a chance at such a prestigious job.

"So what do you mean by I'm the one you've been waiting for? Am I that amazing?" I asked openly in the elevator.

"Yes but that is not the point." She said in what could only be described as a flirtatious manor.

"Then what is the point ma'am?" I asked mockingly.

"There were only 2 ads printed, and therefore only 2 people would have been able to see the job." She responded, pressing the illuminated buttons in the elevator wall

"So who was the other person?" I continued to ask questions, looking up towards the faintly coloured lights on the elevator ceiling. She looked at me admiringly.

"Well. Me of course."

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