The Ultimate Guide to Makeup

Ever wondered how models look their best? Craved to be like one of those gorgeous celebs? Well, now you can! The Ultimate Guide to Makeup is a mash-up of lots of different makeup advice taken from experts to create one handy manual that no woman should ever be caught dead without. Discover everything from your face shape to your perfect hairstyle using this handy little guide!


2. Finding your Face

Your face shape is probably one of the most important things you need to determine before you start applying makeup. It decided what type of makeup you'll wear, how you'll wear it, what style of hair goes best with your face, what type of face accessories to choose and so much more. Don't worry if your face doesn't match the examples below - many people's are a mixture of a few or more.  




Heart or Diamond - This face shape is considered quite delicate. The forehead is wider than the chin and the cheekbones are quite large, creating a heart-shaped effect. The hairline comes down a little in the middle, which means that bangs or no bangs work on this face shape. Long hair also compliments the face well, or short, layered bobs - definitely no bushy blunt bobs. 


Oval - This is considered the perfect face shape because it is extremely symmetrical and has the perfect proportions. Many models and celebrities desire this face shape. Because all the features are 'properly shaped', people who sport this face shape can wear any type of hair style they desire. But just bear in mind, no face shape is perfect - the only reason this is desirable is because it is well proportioned and doesn't require massive amounts of work. 


Round - This is considered to be very youthful and innocent looking. The round face has a round hairline and a round and full jaw line, as the name implies. Hairstyles for this face shape are close, layered styles, a style that would lengthen the face and off-centre partings.  


Square - This shape has a broad and square jaw, with the jaw line lining up with the forehead. The forehead, jaw and cheekbone all have the same width. Any kind of hairstyle works well with this face, but rounded styles and bangs help to give the illusion of a curvier face. 


Triangular - This face has a narrow chin, broad jawline and wide hairline, much like the heart-shaped face. However, a heart-shaped face's hairline narrower and comes down in the middle, which sets it apart from a triangular face. Styles that do not emphasize and instead disguise the hairline work well with triangular faces - cropped styles also do wonders. 


Long or oblong - This face shape is straight with narrow sides - it looks like the oval face shape but is longer and thinner in proportions. Recommended hairstyles are long, wispy hair with long bangs to even out the width. 

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