The Ultimate Guide to Makeup

Ever wondered how models look their best? Craved to be like one of those gorgeous celebs? Well, now you can! The Ultimate Guide to Makeup is a mash-up of lots of different makeup advice taken from experts to create one handy manual that no woman should ever be caught dead without. Discover everything from your face shape to your perfect hairstyle using this handy little guide!


1. An Introduction to Makeup

Makeup is considered by many women across the globe to be one of God's gifts to humanity. It helps us cover that annoying spot until it disappears, look fabulous on dates and makes us appear on the whole much more sophisticated and glamorous. Makeup is designed to accentuate the positives, highlight your good features and disguise the bad ones - but only if you use it correctly. Makeup can be a wonderful, wonderful thing if applied correctly, but if not? Well, it can get pretty disastrous. This handy little guide crammed full of makeup tips, tricks and trade secrets will ensure you're looking best on all occasions. 

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