"It takes more than one look to know that you've fallen in love.." "Your right. It takes a heart beat." Ashleigh had never shown anyone that certain side of her that craved to be loved. She never told anyone how she cried her heart out at romantic movies, or how she longed for a boyfriend like the movies. She was a hopeless romantic, but she knew she could never have anything like it.. Until, one night, while she is out, she makes a bet with a certain 'Louis Tomlinson' that falling in love isn't as easy as it seams on TV. The deal is that if he can get her to fall in love with him after 4 months of spending time together, then she has to stay with him, but if he can't, then she can walk out the door and never speak to him again. Ashleigh agrees, and thinks that she will be able to resist his beautiful eyes and his cheeky smile... But that task proves harder than she may have thought.


2. Collection.

"ARE YOU KIDING ME!" Sophie screamed as I told her what had happened the day before. I had kept it from her for the rest of the night, otherwise she might have done something stupid. Louis had given me his number and I had given him mine, and he said he would call me when he was going to pick me up. Sophie was trying to get the phone number, but i had hid it, and she just kept begging. She was a very big One Direction fan, so I don't understand why she didn't notice me sitting with them. "When is he coming to get you?" Sophie asked, bouncing around on the sofa. "I don't know." I shrugged "he hasn't texted me yet." It felt so strange saying that about someone who was mega famous. As if he had been watching me, I got a text off Louis. I showed Sophie the screen and she let out an ear piercingly loud scream. "OPEN IT! OPEN IT! OPEN IT!" She yelled at me. I slid the screen and read the message. "READ IT ALOUD!" Sophie instructed. I rolled my eyes and began to recite the text, "Hey Ashleigh.me and the boys are coming to get you in half an hour, bring whatever you need, and I'll see you soon. Louis xxxx" I finished, and saw Sophie looking mortified with excitement. "HE PUT KISSES!" She bellowed, and started to jump around again. I just laughed at her as she slipped her 'Take Me Home' cd into the stereo. I thought this would be a good time to make my escape and start packing. I swiftly moved out the living room and up to my bedroom, humming along to 'Kiss You'. She had played this album so many times I knew every line. It didn't bother me, but it did get kind of annoying at times. I packed everything quickly, not wanting my absence to be noticeable to Sophie. When I was done, and it only took 5 minutes cause I was just so awesome, I jogged back down the stairs and joined in dancing to 'C'mon C'mon.' We spent the next half an hour dancing, until I saw a car pull up outside, and five boys climbed out. "They're here!" I shouted to Sophie, and she went into a full on Fangirl attack. Screaming, crying, spazzing, running, jumping. As they knocked on the door, I grabbed her shoulders and wiped the tears off her face. "You don't want to give Niall a bad impression do you," I said to calm her down. She was in love with Niall, and to be honest I didn't blame her, he was pretty adorable. Like a little puppy. She took a deep breath and we made our way over to the door. I flung it open and the boys were standing there, with huge smiled on their faces. Sophie let out a squeak and tried to keep cool. I could feel her hyperventilating over my shoulder, so I quickly invited the boys in and took Sophie into the kitchen. "I can't do this Ashleigh!" She started quietly. "Yes! You can! Just think about.. Um.. Cute things!" I suggested. "THE ONLY THIG CUTE I THINK ABOUT IT NIALL, AND HE IS SITTING IN OUR LIVING ROOM!" She yelled quietly. I assured her that she would be okay, and we made our way back out to the boys. "Hi." I said as we walked in. "Hey ashleigh." Zayn smiled. The boys looked at Sophie and she realised that she had left her One Direction CD case on the table. "Guys, this is Sophie, my best friend." I smiled, hugging her shoulders. I could feel how stiff she had gone, and I knew that she wouldn't be able to say anything. "She's a really big fan." I added. The awkwardness in here was so thick you could cut it with a knife. "So." Harry said suddenly, making me jump a little. "Everything ready?" He asked. I nodded as rushes up to grab my bags, leaving Sophie with the boys. I managed to grab all my bags with two hands and stumbled down the stairs. The boys were waiting at the bottom of the stairs for me, Sophie watching Niall shyly. "Ready?" Louis smiled cheekily. I sighed and grinned back evilly, "Let's do this." I challanged. I gave Sophie a hug before I left, then followed the boys out to Harry's car. Me and Louis sat by each other, just to get things started. Niall, Liam and Zayn kept watching us with a funny look on their faces, like, a sort of amused look. I knew what they were thinking. "You don't think I'm gonna last do you?" I questioned Liam. He shook his head. "Well I'm gonna prove you wrong!" I said, leaning forward.

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