Good Always Ends

This story is really personal to me, and kinda falls under the category of realism too. It's a true story about a battle for survival in this unkind world with a lot of love and romance thrown in, and I just wanted to get it out there. Enjoy.


2. Wallflower

Students flock out from their lessons, eager to escape the clutches of whichever teacher they had previously been listening to drone on for a good hour only to be encased in another classroom. Among these thousands of students is me, unremarkable me. Me with my square jaw, brown eyes, frizzy hair and pale skin. I wish I could say there is some sort of excitement taking place in my life, but nada. The most exhilaration I’m going to get this weekend is meeting with Ellie, my new friend I made. How very gripping. Even that surprises me, having friends. “Sophie” the sound of my name shocked me out of my daydreams, only to be faced with a class of 30 children and a maths teacher with their eyes trained onto me. This happened with recurring frequency much to my humiliation and the dismay of my teachers. “ummm I…. I don’t know…” I mutter nervously, my face deeply reddened. “Why am I not surprised!” she exclaims. “Roll on the weekend” I think to myself.


The rest of the day carried on much the same, teachers scolding me for daydreaming, I can’t help that my imagination is more interesting than my immediate surroundings. After “listening” for a good hour to one of my friends whine on about how her mum wouldn’t buy her this lovely thousand pound dress that she fell in love with over the weekend, and about the 10th insult of the day from the same spiteful girl,  the bell finally rang for the end of the day. I walked briskly for my bus, eager to escape the hell hole which I call school, and sunk down low into my seat, a picture of exhaustion. “I hate this place” I said quietly to myself. Thoughts ran through my head like trains as I gazed out of the window-some staying and some going, and some with an unknown destination. I shook my head as if to shake the thoughts away just as the bus grounded to a halt on my road. I walked a little, and checked behind me to see if anyone was watching. No, I was completely alone, and with that I took off toward my house. It felt so good to be running again, my feet pounding against the pavement as the wind- like a pair of unseen hands- whipped my hair across my face. Tired, run-down and fed up, I flung open the front door, chucked my bags down and ran up to my bedroom to crawl into the safety of my bed. Pulling the duvet over my head, I let the darkness consume me.


I was startled awake by a ringing at the doorbell. Half asleep, I trudged downstairs to answer it, and in doing so, discovered that the house was desolate. I glanced through the stained glass pane of my front door to be met with the sight of a tall, slim, blonde girl waving at me through the glass. “DAMN” I cursed, I was meant to be going to Ellie’s today and I was still in my pyjamas….the embarrassing ones! In record timing I showered and changed and ran out of the door with one shoe on. “glad to see you’re taking life as it comes, day by day, living in the moment….but I’ve been waiting 20 minutes!” she laughed, and with that we proceeded to hop into the back of her step mum’s car, and set off for Seaford.




“But Gran, I thought you said you didn’t like Ellie? You make her sound really nice, as if you were friends!” Exclaimed Olivia, breaking the atmosphere. “ah yes dear, we were close once… Life changes people you see, events change them, sometimes they aren’t quite who you thought they were…” I explained. “oh” she said, looking crestfallen, but only a moment passed before she was smiling again, begging for more of the story. “Well if you would care enough to pipe down maybe I could tell you!” I Teased. After watching her signalling that her mouth is zipped and she has thrown away the key, I continued…



“Girls dinner is ready!!” Called Ellie’s step mum from the foot of the stairs. “FOOOOOD!” we shouted in unison, and raced down the stairs to be greeted with the aroma of cooked scampi- our shared favourite. It was already 6 o’clock but the Mid-June sun continued to blaze through the windows of the modern and, courtesy of Ellie’s mum (or should I Say step mum), pristine clean kitchen. “want to go out after this?” Ellie directed her question at me. “Sure” I said, not too keen on the idea but I agreed obligingly.



“But Gran, what about Ellie’s real mum?” Olivia asked. “Oh she passed away long before, on my birthday in fact, 21st January 2001. She still had her dad, though… well….yes I’ll get to that but you asked for the story so keep interruptions to a minimal Livy!” I said, giving her a friendly smile to take the edge off of my statement. She nestled down in her spot again, trying to get comfortable, so I carried on….


Slipping on our flip flops (no summer is complete without them), we headed out of the door and up to the local recreation ground. Everywhere was peaceful, and the faint aroma of barbeque wafted from one of the neighbouring houses. Pulling out my iPod, we turned on “hey ya” by ‘outcast’ and started up a weird dance together…..really retro. It wasn’t until we heard the faint and yet unmistakable sound of laughter that we immediately ground to a halt. My eyes scanned the landscape until they fell upon a boy, alone, perhaps 100m away from where I stood…. And my god was he good looking. Windswept short brown hair…maybe with a hint of blonde, well toned arms that were complimented by his choice of short sleeved t-shirt, and a jaw that looked as if it had been crafted to perfection. But it wasn’t this that caught my attention immediately….his eyes… they were what captivated me. Brilliant, baby blue eyes stared back in to my own deep brown ones. I held his gaze for a second, and then looked down, embarrassed. And then the realisation of the fact he had just witnessed me make a massive fool of myself hit me. It could no longer be called embarrassment, I was mortified. I’ve never been good at first impressions, but this was a whole new level for me. “OLI?!” Ellie shouted, breaking my train of thought. I looked at her, bewildered. “you know him?” I asked, somewhat taken aback. “yeah course!” she said, and then added “isn’t he gorgeous??”. I was struggling to find the words, let alone string them into a sentence, but it no longer mattered as he had reached where we stood.


“hey Ellie how’s it going?” He asked calmly “and who is your beautiful friend”. Here is where I had to double take, my face reddened and I couldn’t look him in the eye as I feared he was mocking me. “asshole” I thought, “why can’t they be attractive AND kind” my thoughts continued, leaving me feeling slightly let down and pessimistic. When I did gather the courage to look him in the face after a moments silence (awkward silence might I add) I saw that to my amazement, his face was stern and serious, and when my eye caught his, he gave me a smile that warmed me almost as much as the heat of the sun beaming down upon my face. It was at this point that my heart became a rioter that I let rally against my ribs, I was wholly overwhelmed by him. Ellie continued to keep the conversation going, but I couldn’t stop looking at him, thinking about him, and he gazed back at me, a look which made my heart melt like a snowball in a microwave. “um guys…. Are either of you listening to me?” Ellie said, finally picking up what was going on.


 “Well you haven’t told me her name still” he said coolly. “oh… Er, that’s Sophie, She’s not from round here, she lives in Stonegate, its ages away” She explained. “ah that’s a shame. Well lovely to meet you Sophie” and he came towards me, I was half expecting a hand shake and thought “this is awkward” but what happened next exceeded my expectations. He extended both arms and wrapped them around my waist in an embrace. Me, being socially awkward, stood there not knowing what to do. “You’re meant to hug back” he whispered, his chin resting on my shoulder and the warmth of his breath tickling my ear. He took my arms gently and placed them around his neck, I’ve never felt so awkward in my life, but still I did not want to break our hug. “erm, Oli I think you can let go of her now…” Ellie said, breaking the moment. “Maybe I don’t want to” he said, winking at her over my shoulder. “fair enough…well I’m going to go get us some drinks, do you want anything?” Ellie said, shrugging her shoulders. “I’ll have some ice tea! Peach please!” I called out to her,

“And I shall have the same” Oli said.

“Fine, have it your way” and with that, Ellie trundled back to the house.


Ellie was out of sight, and I was just about ready to fall asleep standing up in his firm grip when he caught me by surprise with a kiss on the cheek. My expression was one of shock and confusion- Shock as to the audacity of this gorgeous stranger, confusion as to why he was being so kind to me. He laughed and brushed a few strands of hair from my face, but his eyes remained transfixed on mine. I blushed deeply but maintained eye contact, and he smiled a brilliant, cheeky grin. I guess that day I learned that a smile really is worth a thousand words.


Twenty minutes later and we were all lying on the grass sipping ice tea whilst Ellie did a vast amount of the talking to fill the empty silence. I couldn’t help but gaze at him surreptitiously every now and then, but I guess I need to work on being covert as I think he noticed from the way that he raised his eyebrows at me and gave me a patronising wave. The afternoon sun was hot, but a sudden icy blast of wind sent a shiver across my entire body. He looked at me, concern spreading across his face, and I thought to myself “don’t you dare….don’t even go there… don’t say it” but just as I expected….he went there. “Sophie you look cold… I would offer you a jacket but I don’t have one… you can have my body heat though” he voiced confidently, giving me a wink in the process. I buried my head in my hands, unable to cope with the pure awkwardness of the situation, and as I did, he saw it as an opportunity for an attack hug, otherwise known as a “glomp”. Needless to say I wasn’t ready for it, and he had me pinned to the ground in a matter of a few seconds and I couldn’t breath, partially from laughter and partially because of the fact that he was sitting on me. “get a room you two” Ellie yelled from her position on the grass, and proceeded to get up and storm away, flustered.























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