Good Always Ends

This story is really personal to me, and kinda falls under the category of realism too. It's a true story about a battle for survival in this unkind world with a lot of love and romance thrown in, and I just wanted to get it out there. Enjoy.


9. Out of my league

At this point I had not heard from Ellie in a while, which was strange. It was even a cause for concern as she never stopped bugging me no matter what the situation usually. I don’t know what came over me, but I decided to ring her. “Hello?” somebody on the other end croaked. It was Ellie, and I barely even recognised her voice. “Are you alright?” I asked doubtfully. She certainly didn’t sound it.

“Yeah… good. Except my dad passed away and now I’m stuck with my stepmum and her boyfriend!” she sobbed harshly.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry” I said in attempt to console her. Her dad had been suffering from severe depression along with having lung cancer. I still don’t know which was the cause of his untimely death, but I certainly was not in the position to ask. “They’re making me move to Spain with them” she continued to blubber, and I spent the next 2 hours trying to comfort her about the fact that both her parents were dead and that she was moving to a country with a failing economy within the next few days. Needless to say I was unsuccessful.


Saturday could not have come round quick enough, and by the time 8am struck, I had already packed everything, showered and was ready to go. Good thing I was, as it was then that Oli’s mum pulled up in her car with him in the front. There was nothing for me to worry about as my parents were working and my siblings still asleep, so I slipped noiselessly out of the door, wishing Jaz and Callum a goodbye mentally.


“HEEEEEY BAAAABYYYYYYY” Oli sang brightly to me, and I winced in pain.
“Is my singing really that bad?” he asked, looking crestfallen.

“No, I love your singing, its just too early in the morning for me” I croaked as he handed me a flask.

“No worries, I brought you coffee” he declared, smiling. I smiled back appreciatively and thanked him with a kiss on the cheek. He continued to sing various tunes, but amongst the happiness, I noticed a tear slide down his mother’s cheek. It was then that I decided they were hiding something. I didn’t know what it was, so I chose to just shake off the feeling- besides, it wasn’t any of my business whatever it was. None of this changed the fact that I couldn’t stand to see Oli’s mother cry, and as much as I wanted to ask her what was wrong and console her, I sat in reserved silence in the back seat of the car, pondering. All kinds of scenarios entered my head, some worse than others, and some just purely impossible, as Oli reached over to pass his Mother a tissue. This confirmed my suspicions about them hiding something, he knew that she was crying but he said nothing, and acted like everything was fine.

Sighing, I told myself I was in way to over my head involving myself in other peoples business. “Keep your nose out” my inner voice told me, and for once, I chose to listen. “So, are you looking forward to camping?” Oli broke the silence aswell as my trail of thought. “Absolutely” I grinned back at him. His Mother glanced into her rear view mirror with bloodshot watery eyes, tear stains marking her face as she smiled reassuringly at me. I didn’t know what was wrong with her today or what they were hiding from me, but I knew I had to find out and made it my mission.


We both leapt out of the car and began unloading the luggage out of the boot. Swinging the bag containing our tent onto his back, Oli and I bid his Mum farewell.

“You guys have fun…while you still can” she added. I had no idea quite what she meant by this, but out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of something on Oli’s face, a flicker of emotion that I’d never seen before. “Are you okay?” I asked, genuinely concerned, but the moment past and it was like he had continued with his happy façade. “Perfect” he beamed, “now lets go” he ordered as he began to make his way towards the arranged meeting place. “Where are we?” I asked, baffled by the unknown surroundings, although it was similar to where I lived- fields, fields and more fields, an area of outstanding natural beauty, and right in the centre, a hut housing toilets and shower facilities perfect for camping. “Look, it even has a kitchen!” Oli shouted from inside. Turning to follow his lead into the hut, I got the shock of my life. Barely a metre behind me stood a boy, just a little bit taller than me with mousy brown hair and a complexion darkened by the sun, his hazel eyes surveying me who stood before him. Oh, and he was wielding an axe. I let out a piercing scream, frightened to near death by this weapon wielding stranger, and Oli immediately came running. Realising what was going on, he burst into fits of laughter, barely able to control himself. When he did eventually compose himself, he introduced me to Etienne, who was beginning to see the funny side of me thinking he was a psychopathic murderer. Turns out that he had been collecting wood for the camp fire that night, but it did not make me any less weary of him and his axe.


More and more people began to turn up, and the final number was around 15, a combination of mainly boys and a few girls. The place was alive with people. Strangely, I had never met any of them before despite previous encounters with many of Oli’s friendship groups. This time was different; I didn’t feel welcome, in fact quite on the contrary. I could constantly feel the stares of all of the girls burning into me, warmer than the heat of the flames as we sat by the fireside.


I huddled closer to Oli as a few boys sitting behind me began to snigger amongst themselves, and I’ve never felt so self conscious in my life as I did then. I turned to look at Oli for reassurance, but he was too busy laughing at a joke told across the other side of the campfire to even notice a situation unfolding around me. I nudged him gently in the ribs, provoking more whispering from behind me. Nudging harder, I finally got Oli’s attention, something that usually was never so difficult. “What’s up? Are you thirsty?” he asked, and before I could answer, he had already leapt off of the log where he sat and raced away towards the hut.


As soon as his footsteps faded, they pounced like ferocious wild cats at feeding time. “Sophieeee” somebody called out to my left in a mocking tone. I turned to be faced with a ginger girl with deep blue eyes making faces in my direction. More laughing, until eventually somebody else in the crowd spoke. “Do you really think you’re good enough for Oli” they asked their voice harsh and cold. I stared at the speaker, a boy of about 5”11 with blonde hair gelled back forming a slick quiff, excessively large blue eyes and the beginnings of facial hair.


I continued to stand in shocked silence as everyone stared at me, waiting for me to react. More questions arose from the crowd “what’s someone like you doing with him?!” they cried in uproar, “you’re not good enough for Oli!” another screamed, but still I continued to stand there in awed silence. Until the verbal abuse turned to physical. I felt somebody yank at my hair and a whole handful of strands came lose with the force, “you don’t deserve him” the girl hissed in my ear as she continued to rip out more of my hair, digging her nails into my neck. I yelped in pain and sent my fist flailing in the general direction of her face. My fist met its target with a crunch, and the girl dropped to the floor, clutching her nose as streams of blood trickled down her face and on to the grass beneath her.


“We’ll get you back for that” a menacing voice from behind me whispered, breaking the gobsmacked silence. Soon everybody was screaming more abuse at me as they closed in, but I only caught parts of it due to the overall noise and chaos. “You don’t even deserve a boyfriend.”

“He’s probably just using you”

“He’s way out of your league, loser”.

The insults continued to fly back and forth until somebody said “He could do SO much better” and something inside me just clicked, like somebody had flicked a switch sparking angry emotions. Incredibly outnumbered and wondering where Oli had got to, I screamed at the top of my lungs “OKAY!!!” my voice echoing through the trees. Everyone stared at me expectantly. “You’re right; I’m not good enough for him. Has it not occurred to you that maybe I have already thought this whole thing through?!” I shouted at them furiously, controlled by my own anger.


They continued to stare, waiting for me to continue, but it was at that point that I heard familiar footsteps pacing with some urgency towards where I stood. “Sorry I took so long, I had some problems with the…” he stopped mid sentence, surveying the carnage that had unfolded in his absence. “What the hell is going on?” he demanded, turning to Etienne who had been sitting their in silence throughout the whole ordeal, unwilling to participate in tormenting me. I liked Etienne. He wasn’t a person of many words (possibly because he was French and raised in India, so his English skills were yet to be perfected) , but when he did say something, it had meaning and caught everybody’s attention. He wasn’t shallow minded like the others. He whispered something to Oli and brushing past me, walked to his own tent. Oli glanced at Jen who was still on the floor nursing her bleeding nose, grabbed my arm lightly and pulled me away from the group, towards our tent. Standing outside, he asked “what just happened?” his voice soft, tender and full of concern. I shook my head in despair. Unable to put in to words how I was feeling, I stormed into the tent without another word, zipping it up behind me. He didn’t follow me or harass me to open the tent or tell me I was being irrational, he just walked away. Tears streaming down my face, I climbed in to my sleeping bag and drifted off to the distant sounds of laughter and joy as Oli regained control of the situation.


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