Good Always Ends

This story is really personal to me, and kinda falls under the category of realism too. It's a true story about a battle for survival in this unkind world with a lot of love and romance thrown in, and I just wanted to get it out there. Enjoy.


1. Olivia

“A boy? At your age? Dear me” I mutter jokingly as I gaze out of the window, taking in my granddaughters tales of love and romance like a breath of fresh air. She was now slumped down in the adjacent armchair, her eyes sparkling with excitement as she gushed unstoppably on about her prince charming going by the name of ‘Harry’, words spilling from her chapped lips like a flood. My lovely 14 year old granddaughter , a tall, smiley young lady with a porcelain complexion and deep set brown eyes, her mass of wild curly brown hair evidence that she had inherited something from me. She continued to babble on, excited by the prospect of a date with him in the foreseeable future. Although I wasn’t completely listening and had allowed my mind to wander slightly,  her bright enthusiasm over this “Mr Perfect” takes me back to when I was young, reminiscing the years of my innocence.


Soon I became lost in my thoughts, and Livy’s voice became a background noise to accompany them. All that was occupying my mind revolved around my past. The amount of fun I had as a teenager, and the amount of suffering. I flinched as unwelcome thoughts entered my head, and I batter them away like flies. “Focus on the good times” I reminded myself, a phrase I was familiar with thanks to Rianna, a life long friend of mine. I began to become wrapped up in the story of my love life.


I’d never much cared for love relationships in my school life. It had occurred to me that they never last; petty arguments always brought them to a bitter end leaving devastation in their wake, because people were just to young to understand that love is more than just holding hands and saying “I love you”, or even buying each other gifts on Valentines day. I even viewed them as pathetic and felt that people just wanted a boyfriend/girlfriend for the sake of it, to feel accepted. I maintained these ideologies, rolling my eyes at young couples in some cases, until I met him…..


I’m startled out of my reverie as Olivia knocks me over the head with a cushion playfully “what about your childhood romance then Gran?” she asked, descending into fits of giggling. At these words I couldn’t stop the look of alarm from spreading across my face despite myself, this was something I’d never dared speak of to anyone but my once art teacher, and a friend who I became close with in the later years of school. Not only was it because it never came up in conversation with others, but because I held some dark secrets.


Livy picked up on my apprehension and began to tease until eventually I surrendered. “Alright, alright, don’t hassle me I’m getting too old for this! Just let me go and brew myself a tea and I’ll be with you” I laughed, “Do you want anything?” I asked.

“Coca cola!” she smiled and looked at me hopefully. “And don’t forget the crisps! Prawn cocktail please!” she called after me as I disappeared into the kitchen of my seaside cottage home. I smiled “shared favourite” I called.


From the window I could see snow beginning to settle on the beach, a magnificent sight still even to someone who has been living along this same piece of coastline for 10 years. “Gran it’s snowing!” I heard Livy squeal in delight from the next room. I placed everything on to a tray and wandered back to the sitting room and settled back in to my seat.


It had been decades since I had stirred up any of the old memories, but there wasn’t a moment that passed by where I didn’t think of him. Even if I pushed the thoughts from my mind to try and concentrate, they were all still there, haunting my brain. It wasn’t just some soppy teenage romance, him being my prince charming. That boy really did change my life, and what happened to him…. That changed my life too. Right when I was ready to just… end it for myself… he helped me out of a dark place, a hard time, and for that I am forever in his debt, but some debts can never be repaid.


I knew that Livy would have lots of questions but nothing prepared me for the onslaught that followed. “What was his name? When did you meet and where and how? How old were you? Please tell me you didn’t have a Toy boy, yuck!!” which had her struggling for breath and tears pouring down her rosy cheeks. “Gran you haven’t denied it” she gasped, her face displaying an expression mocking horror and disgust. “how about I do the story telling, and you stop the cheek before you convince me that you are in need of a slap, how about that?” I suggested light-heartedly. To this she agreed and nestled herself down in her favourite spot- the window seat. I laughed softly. She reminded me of how I used t be: young and curious, eager for any gossip that I could get my hands on, even be it my Grandma’s past romances. The original excitement of the early January snow having worn off, she watched me intently. And so it began….










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