Good Always Ends

This story is really personal to me, and kinda falls under the category of realism too. It's a true story about a battle for survival in this unkind world with a lot of love and romance thrown in, and I just wanted to get it out there. Enjoy.


5. Jamie

Despite finding happiness during the summer, school and the usual routine continued to drag on in September, and I had to continue to conceal my new found happiness. I soon began to realise that perhaps I wasn’t doing such a good job as far as concealing was concerned. “Could you be any more obvious?” Rianna raised her eyebrows, laughing at me as I smiled down at my phone. I scowled back jokingly, and quickly finished up my text with “text me after school, love you x”. “Soooo how’s Oli then?” Rianna would ask, having already figured out the situation. That was always the thing with her- she was always so quick to catch on, and never held back when it came to making fun of people, but not in a cruel or spiteful way. “He’s good” I replied, raising one eyebrow slightly. “What sort of response is that hmmmm? What’s that supposed to mean?!” she raised her voice, attracting the attention of everyone around, eager for more information. “Shush, I’ll tell you later I promise but stop talking so loudly!” I laughed, cautiously glancing at everybody listening. “hmmmm sureeee” she narrowed her eyes suspiciously, but settled for my answer.


Keeping to my promise, I texted her in the evening with “Oli and I met up :P”. “oooo, I knew there was sumfing going on, ur just sooo readable” she replied, cocky as ever. “Or perhaps you’re just very observant:P” I replied, laughing slightly to myself as I wrote it, which did nothing to contain her large ego. “you get in a giddy mood whenever things are about him, it’s soooo obvs” she texted back. It was at this point that I decided that there was no point keeping anything from this girl- she could read me like a book. It wasn’t such a bad thing in the long run as she soon became one person that I knew I could confide in, somebody who could put everything into perspective and help me go about things logically.


Fortunately for me, unlike Rianna, nobody at home had twigged what was really going on when I said I was going down to “Ellie’s”, so as I slipped my trainers on to simply go for a run, I was shocked by my dad asking “So who’s the secret boyfriend?” Speechless, I just looked at him with a stunned expression, trying to put my brain in gear to avoid confrontation. “Secret boyfriend…?” I repeated, stalling and trying to think of a reply to abolish his suspicions. “Sophie I’m only joking dear, no need to panic….or do you have something to hide?” he teased. “No, not at all!” I defended myself.

“Well that’s alright then.”


“Sophie is there something you aren’t telling me?”

“Dad, would I ever keep anything from you?!”

“WELL IF I RECALL RIGHTLY...” he spluttered, and I sensed the beginnings of a line of stories about times I have been deceitful and devious coming my way.

“Actually don’t answer that….byeee!”

“Bye, trouble, try not to break a leg or something… I know your luck.” He called after me as I strode up the drive. I peered out into the still, silent cul-de-sac, only to be met with a pair of eyes staring back at me from number 9. I rolled my own eyes, and continued to set off down the hill, “nosy neighbours” I thought to myself.


Speaking of neighbours, new people had just moved in a couple of houses away, at the bottom of the hill. I hadn’t seen them, and I was eager to know who they were, as everyone knows everyone in our village. I decided to take a detour and stop at the house next door to the new arrivals. “Hello Sophie, come in!” Karen answered the door. “No I don’t mean to bother you, just a quick question for you… who’s moved in next door do you know?” I voiced quietly. “Ohh that’s the Thomas family… they’ve got a boy your age…. and he’s quite the looker.” She said with a wink that made me cringe. This was not good news for me as I was stood almost directly outside this supposedly good looking boys house dressed down in trackies, a bright pink running top and trainers. “Thomas…” I repeated, “common surname…. what’s his first name?” I questioned.

“Jamie” she smiled. Sudden recognition hit me, and immediately I was impatient to get away, made even worse when she informed me “in fact he’s round here now, I’ll send him out with you as he’s extremely bored adjusting to the nothingness that is Stonegate village” she laughed to herself.

“No really it’s fine”

“No I insist…JAAAAMIEEE” she screamed up the stairs, and immediately I heard footsteps racing down.

“What?” he answered, poking his head over the banister in an almost comical fashion that I just had to laugh at, causing him to frown at me.

“You wanted to go out… well here’s your chance!” she said, virtually pushing him out of the door with half a shoe on and shut it behind him. He sighed, frowned at me again, shrugged and slipped his other shoe on. “So you live round here then? Name?” he asked abruptly.

“ I’m Sophie” I stumbled, momentarily forgetting my own identity.

“Cool, Hi Sophie”



We trundled up the road in awkward silence having never had a conversation before that day. Well, silent apart from the incessant tweeting of the birds and rustling of the trees. “I see you’re dressed up for a run?” he suddenly broke the silence, “Mind if I sit out? Usually I would as I’m all up for sport and exercise and all, but I had rugby this morning and-”

“Sure” I cut him off, relieved. My relief was short-lived as he declared

“I’ll just sit here and watch”. Picking my favourite playlist, I set off, feeling extremely uncomfortable knowing he was watching. “Why should I care?” I thought to myself, after all, I have Oli so why should his opinion matter to me? I shrugged off the questions plaguing my thoughts and risked a glance in his direction. Yep he was still watching me intently. I finished my lap and sat cross-legged a little way away from him. “Sorry am I disturbing your run?” he asked.

“Not at all” I blatantly lied as he continued to make conversation about school and living in Stonegate. Conversation turned to relationships, and my stomach twisted into a tight knot, feeling extremely uncomfortable. He wasn’t the kind of person I would first think of to talk about stuff like this.  “Are you with anyone?” he asked, after giving me a long description of his ‘Gemma’. I bit my lip, my brain caught up in a war deciding whether I should tell him or not. “Yes, I do, his name’s Oli, and no not from our school” I retorted.


“Sure” I replied, pulling up my favourite picture of us on my iPod- on the beach in Eastbourne eating fish and chips, both with wide smiles and sparkling eyes. Jamie studied the picture, “nice” he smiled, handing back my iPod. “I guess we should get back then?” I nodded in response, and we headed home.


I had not yet wiped the smile from my face when I reached my house, and for that reason, my dad poked his head round the door, raised one eyebrow said “secret boyfriend” and walked away. The smile immediately diminished when I realised it was Sunday and I had art homework due in the next day, so my excitement for the day was officially over.

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