Long May She Reign

Mary queen of scots has been engaged to price Harry since they were six, when an assassination attempt on Mary is played out, she is forced to leave the convent and return to French court. Will Mary and Harry indeed wed? Or will powers of evil, lust, and magic prevail? Read to find out (If anyone has watched the new hit show reign, than you'll understand)


3. Your the Queen of Scotland

Mary's POV

Me and the other children sat around the large table in the middle of the courtyard for our midday meal. I sat next to Greta , she was one of the younger girls here at the convent and I felt it was my duty as the eldest to protect her. I looked down the table when one of the maids caught my eye, she was staring at me and seemed to be choking , then suddenly before I could call out for help, blood poured from her mouth I let out a scream and the maid flipped dead into her food.

All hell broke loose, nuns screaming my name others telling eachother to get me to safety, I'm grabbed by my faithful friend gen and am hauled to my room I'm dazed as I try to make sense of what happened. Barbra the head nun comes rushing into my chambers. "You must leave now Mary, this was an assassination attempt "

"An assassination attempt! No I don't understand how did did this happen"

"Mary she was your tester,for every day since your mouth left your mothers breast you've had a tester taste your food. Your the queen of Scotland Mary remember that! Now you must get changed, it's time to return to French court" I get changed into my finest gown and am hurried into a carriage where I head back to France where I am engaged to the heir of the French thrown. Prince Harry

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