Yandere x Reader

Yandere boys/girls x reader


1. London Ba Chi

"Ne... Neechan.."

"What is it now?" You looked up from the book you were reading.

"Did you have fun in school today?" Your brother looked down on his teddy and patted it's head gently.

"Yeah. Why do you ask?"

"Who did you hang out with?"

"Miku. And we've got a new guy in our class so I spent some time with him during the breaks too." He stopped patting the teddy.

"Why... I don't like you hanging out with other people.." You started reading again and he walked over to you.

"I WANT YOU TO SPEND SOME TIME WITH ME!!!!" He slapped the book out of your hands.

"Teddy and I want to spend some time with our beloved neechan, right Teddy?" He looked at you with a big smile and you bent down to pick up the book again.

"I don't have time. Go play with your toys instead of annoying me." You muttered and your brother's smile faded away.

"Neechan.." He slapped you and you looked at him in shock.

"Look what you made me do. IF YOU WOULD'VE SAID YES I WOULDN'T HAVE HIT YOU!!!" You got up and grabbed his wrist.

"Get out." You pushed him out and locked the door.

"N..Neechan.. Why are you doing this to me?... I thought you loved me..." You threw a pillow against the door and went back to reading the book.

"Neechan? I'll sing for you until you open the door or I find a way inside." Your brother slowly knocked on the door.

"London ba chi o chi ru, o chi ru, o chi ru.
London ba chi o chi ru, my fair neechan." You heard footsteps walking away from the door and knockings on the walls outside.

"Tetsu to hagane de tsukure, tsukure, tsukure.
Tetsu to hagane de tsukure, my fair neechan." Your brothers voice faded away and you looked at the door, wondering what he'd do next.

"My brother is such a creepy human being.. I don't even know if he IS a human anymore.." You shrugged and continued to read.


"Kin to gin ja nusumareru, nusumareru, nusumareru. 
Kin to gin ja nusumareru, my fair neechan." You opened your eyes and realized that you'd fallen asleep. And that little monster was back at the door.

"Neechan... We'll soon be together again." Your brother laughed and you heard weird noises from your door. Is he unlocking the door?!

The door swung open and your brother stepped inside.

"Neechan.. I missed you so much... Why don't you want to spend time with me?!?" He held his teddy in one hand and a knife from the kitchen in the other hand.

"I opened the door, neechan.. Will you play with me now?" Your eyes grew wide in horror and your brother took a step forward.

"Rou to ishi ja kuchihateru, kuchihateru, kuchihateru." Your brother walked towards you with the knife ready to attack.

"Will you sing the last words of the song for me neechan? You have such a beautiful voice. Ah! Remember when you used to sing for me when I was younger? Now, SING!!!!" He stabbed you with the knife, straight through your chest.


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