Don't look back at the Darkness

This is a sort of horror story about the monsters that hide in the dark and what will happen if that one person decides to just take a look back...


2. Chapter 2

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Now I am dead,

I want to kill you!

I turned around and stifled a scream as I saw the sort poem etched onto the wall of my bedroom. This was getting worse by the second why did I look back! 

"It was a simple enough mistake to make," I yelled into the darkness, "No this can't be happening it it just isn't fair I didn't mean to turn around it just happened." I was stuttering as I backed out of the room. I reached the door turned off the light and ran not daring to check I had even closed the door as I ran all the way into the kitchen and barely stopped even then crashing into my mum as I tried to slow down. 

"Whoa what has got you in such a rush?" my mum asked pulling the cake out of the oven, "Anyway I thought you were working in your room." I just stood there stammering I couldn't tell my mum not yet I wasn't ready to say goodbye not yet....

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