Don't look back at the Darkness

This is a sort of horror story about the monsters that hide in the dark and what will happen if that one person decides to just take a look back...


1. Chapter 1

Have you ever had the feeling,

When you turn off the light,

That something is watching you,

Hiding in the darkness of night.


And you feel yourself tremble,

As you start to turn your head,

Then you end up staring at blackness,

Then you will remember what I said.


For you find yourself looking,

Into that pitch black room,

And if you see some moving,

Well you know you have marked your doom.


My mother used to sing me that poem every night to try and scare me but I didn't think it was true. No one did we would talk about it at school but I guess no one realized that it was a warning not a joke. So then I wondered why now? I have turned off the light and walked away plenty of times, so why not today? Why was it this time that....







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