An Adventure in Space and Time

*For Doctor Who Fanfiction Competition* In the BBC 2 movie an adventure in space and time William Hartnell sees the 11th Doctor standing by the console- but why?


1. Just not with you

1 and a half hours earlier-

Sydney Newman sat down at his desk and lit his cigar, there was a knock at the door "Come in" he called

An older man entered the room

"Sit down Bill sit down" Sydney waved at a chair.

Bill sat down

"Bill I've been thinking about Dr Who"

"Yes sir so have I" 

"I've been thinking it could do with a revamp, refresh it a bit for the kids2

"Why yes sir I thats exactly what I've thinking, I'm glad that we're on the same track" Bill crossed his legs and put his hands on his lapels

"Oh hell Bill" Sydney Newman leaned forward "There's no easy way of putting this"

Bill looked at him

"Bill we want Dr Who to carry on- just not with you"


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