Join me

"Join me" I looked at him and studied his face. I took a step forward
"But what will happen to my friends?" He smiled and shook his head his blue eyes turning darker.
"Thats up to you" I thought if I say no he could hurt them or worse
"Fine" His smile grew bigger
"Great now follow me" He turned around and when I didnt follow he beckoned me so I did as I was told and followed

Sorry theres no cover it wont let me put it on for some reason D:


2. Next target


Emily's pov

I carried the final box in and slumped down onto our brand new bright red sofa. Lilly came up and sat with me then Lottie skipped over wearing a dark purple dress that covered one leg but revealed the other

"What do you think for the party tonight I can hide a gun on my right thigh" She giggled and showed where she had hidden the gun

"Its nice but you might want to take a dagger or two just in case" I said then Diana came over holding her folding sword

"Well I'm going to hide this in my purse and can you come help me with my hair Lottie?" Lottie nodded and then skipped upstairs with Diana following.

"Do you really think this party is a good idea?" Lilly said with a concerened look on her face

"Please if we took down the vipers then blaze should be a peice of cake remember we need to get their trust so they take us to their base then we destroy them okay?" Lilly nodded then I walked upstairs to get ready for the party. I grabbed my light blue dress and my silver heels and then my pistol which I stuffed in my purse and a few small knives but just for critical measures I took my retractable bow and a few small arrows (Im more comfortable with bows then guns). I went into the bathroom and curled my hair then went downstairs to see the girls all ready and waiting for me.

"Finally your ready now lets go kick their butts" Lottie yelled as she ran into the car. I laughed that girl has too much energy. Me Diana and Lilly followed and soon we were off towards the party and soon to be another crime scene.

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