Join me

"Join me" I looked at him and studied his face. I took a step forward
"But what will happen to my friends?" He smiled and shook his head his blue eyes turning darker.
"Thats up to you" I thought if I say no he could hurt them or worse
"Fine" His smile grew bigger
"Great now follow me" He turned around and when I didnt follow he beckoned me so I did as I was told and followed

Sorry theres no cover it wont let me put it on for some reason D:


5. Conferance


Lilly's Pov

I looked around at all the dead bodys and watched as the girls all looked through their pockets taking out any jewels or money and sometimes phones.

"Guys we should get going" Lottie said running into the room

"Why?" Emily asked

"The police are outside" I nodded

"Come on lets get going" We ran towards the garden and jumped over the fence and into our cars. Lottie and Diana had moved them so we had a quick escape.

As we sped off I saw 5 boys all outside talking to the cops,one saw us but didnt tell them instead got into his car and followed.

"Guys were being followed" I said through the radio we had installed in each of our cars so we could talk

"Really! who is following us?" Emily yelled. I looked behind us and saw blonde hair and blue eyes

"It's this boy who has blonde hair and blue eyes" I said back. Then I saw more cars following the first

"Guys he has friends"I shouted Emily who has at the front swerved left and headed for a field we all got out of the car and ran up the hill waiting for the men.

Harry's Pov

We stopped the cars next to the girls and peeked inside. I saw all their guns.So they were unarmed so we better go unarmed as well so that they dont feel threatened. When we got half way up the hill we saw the girls but they werent unarmed.

The Brunett had a bow and three arrows brawn

The blonde had a staff

The light brown had two knifes and was casually spinning them

And the blonde-brown had a sword

"Wow we didnt come here to fight we would just like to talk to your boss" I said putting my hands up to show I wasnt going to attack

"Why?" The brunett asked glaring at me

"Cause we need to talk about all the killing now where is he?" The girls all stared at me then burst out laughing

"Haha you think that a boy is our boss wow!" The brunett carried on laughing

"Well then who's your boss" I said placing a hand on my hip

"I am" The Brunett said

"Well then would you like to explain why you've been killing other gangs?" She popped her hips out to the side and smiled

"Your a gang aren't you?" I nodded. Her smile got bigger

"Well then I would suggest getting out of here before it gets ugly" Her friends all agreed then Lou took two steps forward and the girl got her bow ready

"He said why did you kill all those people" The girl with the bow got angery


"WELL THEN TAKE A CLOSE LOOK" She lifted her top at the side there was a huge scar going from her armpit to her hip. We all gasped

"Who did that to you?" Niall asked

"It was....." Her face turned to pure hurt and she turned around the blonde came up and stroked her back whispering something in her ear

"It was another gang when she was younger her mum and dad were in a gang and they got into a fight with another"  I listened very closely "And well the other gang found their house killed her parents and went to kill her when she was only 5 but what happened was her brother came into the room from going out with his friends and managed to get her out of there but one man managed to get a hit in" I was shocked they actually went to kill a 5 year old girl

"NOW leave before it gets ugly" The brunett said turning around and getting her bow ready. I nodded and told the boys to follow. We got into our cars and headed back to our base but I couldnt get that Blonde out of my head they way she looked out for her friend.But I decided that I needed to get her out of my head for good.


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