Divergent Fanfic

A who has lost everything after the death of her brother caused by Divergent is out for revenge. To be entered in the Divergent Fanfic contest.


1. Me

    I am not sad. Not in the least. I never have been. I don't cry. I don't yell. I soar through life uncaring, like an eagle. 
    Even when I found out my brother was dead. Even when poison lies spewed from those dry lips. Suicide. Suicide. Suicide. Suicide. 
    I wasn't sad. Why should I have been? I didn't know him that well. All of our love had been in the past. Way in the past. Back when we were still blooming. 
    My life was set up for me since long before I knew there was a future. I would go to the choosing ceremony and choose Candor like my older sister, my mom, my my 
dad, grandma, grandad... and like my brother was supposed to... whatever went wrong with him, I'll never know.  I will get successful job in Candor; a government position like my parents, and I will have a succesful and happy life. I already know this. Everything is simple. 
    But life is bland. Gray. Dull. Hateful. It never warns you before a bomb is thrown in; a tornadoe of destruction, pain, and terror is in your path, seconds away. I never knew. I walked around blindly, unaware of the hate that bubbled up in me with every whispered word, with every weighted move. And little did I know it would come spewing out on the day that would change my life forever. 

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