The hollywood scandle



3. The Simpson Family:

Alli's P.O.V.

Alli Simpson:well guess who im goin on a date wit

Raven Sherman:IDK who

Alli Simpson:Kelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i was excited i couldn't stand it.

Raven Sherman:Kelly, Kelly?

Alli Simpson:yes him

Raven Sherman:bitch r u serious?

Alli Simpson:yes.y the hell would i lie to u

Raven's P.O.V.

Raven Sherman:yo Kell bell wat up 

I texted Kelly.

 Kelly Breeding: nothin' much u.

Raven Sherman: nothing just lookin' at some music videos

Kelly Breeding:oh well wats up wit u and Bryan.

Raven Sherman: well i'm going wit him 2 c Carrie.

Kelly Breeding: oh so u 2 r going on a date 

Raven Sherman: no. yes. IDK. i'm hoping so. 

Kelly Breeding: well i wouldn't want my little brother with any other person. u 2 make a cute


I smiled I couldn't help it. i wanted to just dance around my bedroom to every single one of their songs. now 2 people i knew loved and respected actually wanted me to go out with Bryan.

Raven Sherman: i herded that u and Alli r going out now.

Raven Sherman: yea. but were did u here that.

Kelly Breeding: yea. but were did u here that. 

Raven Sherman: form the queen herself. I am her bff and she's not gonna keep secrets from me especially not one like  this. 

Kelly Breeding:

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