Is It Worth It?!

My name is Leanna Matthews. 3 years ago I dated Harry Styles, yes the Harry Styles from the world's biggest boyband. The thing is I have a daughter named Darcy Marie Styles- Matthews. Harry doesn't know about her and neither does the boys.......


12. Chapter 9

(Leanna's P.O.V)

  "So either you cheated on me while we were together or Darcy is mine"

it went through my head a couple of times. Should I tell him the truth or not? If I tell him, will he be angry? oh gosh somebody cause some kind of distraction so I can run and never look or come back again.

"is she mine or not?"

He growled I looked at him scared, tears threatening to come out

"Darcy is not yours"

He ran his hand through his hair frustrated

"so you cheated on me! that's why you broke up with me you're nothing but a cheater"

"I didn't cheat on you!"

"Then she's mine!"


i whispered again. I looked over at Jade and Bridgit to see their mouths hanging open. I looked down at my feet when he pulled me into another room.

"Is she mine? and I swear if you say no I am going to snap"

"harry she-"

He rubbed his temples and put his hand out.

"let me see a picture"

I pulled out my phone and looked through the pictures trying to find a picture where she didn't look like him with her curly hair, green-brown eyes and dimples. I gave up and just chose any random photo.

"This is Darcy"

"Dimples, green eyes, curly hair. these are basically the same features as me"

He stared at the picture for about 3 minutes before speaking again


"why what?"

"why...why didn't you tell me?"

I looked away and fiddled with my fingers.

"I don't know"

"you do know, you must have had a reason why you didn't tell me"

"you were auditioning for X-factor and you were really excited and pursuing your dreams and I didn't want to ruin that."

"Can I meet her? I'll be here practically a month"


"why not?! I have the right to she's my daughter!"

"Harry you can't see her she's gonna be attached to you and when you leave she's gonna be torn and I'm the one that has to stay up all night trying to cure her pain"

I walked out the room we were in, grabbed Jade and Bridgit and left

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