Is It Worth It?!

My name is Leanna Matthews. 3 years ago I dated Harry Styles, yes the Harry Styles from the world's biggest boyband. The thing is I have a daughter named Darcy Marie Styles- Matthews. Harry doesn't know about her and neither does the boys.......


27. Chapter 21

Leanna's P.O.V
*1 week later*

Darcy and I were walking home from doing a little shopping trip. I figured it would be best for us to get out since we've been hiding in the house a lot lately. There have been people following us and it's not directioners that want us to pass a message on to the boys. It's creepy people dressed in solid dull colors, hiding behind walls and trees and other places. 

It's about 7 right now so the sun is set and the only light we have is the passing cars and street lights. Honestly this is the worse part about winter day lights saving time it gets dark so early. I haven't really talked to Harry recently he's been busy and so has Darc and I. 

My phone began to ring and since I had bags in one hand and Darcy in the other she got it out for me. Moving the bag up my arm and collecting the phone I answered with out checking. 

"Hi dear , how are you"
"Hi mom"

No I didn't give her my cellphone number I just forwarded all the calls from house to the phone. I'm not that dumb. And yeah I called her mom because that's what she is to me. I can't just refer to her as that lady or her name it just doesn't feel right cause even though she's denied me as her daughter after I became pregnant and kicked me out i still love her unconditionally. 

"So since I'm coming into town this week. I was thinking maybe I'll stay with you and we can bond and get to know what's going on in each other's  lives."
"Um...yeah sure"
"Great I'll see you later, bye"

Darcy was tired especially since it was close to her bedtime so when the call ended I scooped her body into my arms and walked at a faster pace. We're about a half block from our home. When I hear the sound of feet shuffling behind us. I don't glance back to see who it is. I just focus on getting safely to my home while walking faster than before. Sending out a prayer to God (sorry if you don't like the God part I know not every one is religious). Just as I step in front of my neighbors house  the footsteps disappear. Opening the gate and walking to my home I open the door and place Darcy on the couch and put the stuff we bought earlier. 

Since I haven't talked to Harry I open his contact and send a message to him. 

To: Harry😊
From: Lea
   Hey Haz,
How's everything going with tour and the guys? It's been a while since we've talked so I was just checking in Darcy and I miss you. But it's late so Goodnight we love you!

Sending the message I unforeseen the calls taking Darcy up to her bed and then come back downstairs to check the locks again a second time. The house phone rings and I stand looking at the number that's not a number I know. But I pick it up I usually don't buy something was telling me I should. 


There was nothing but heavy breathing on the other side just when I was about to hang up a deep voice that sounded familiar spoke. 

"Watch your back never know what could be lurking behind you"

I threw the phone back on the hook blocking the number as well and went to bed. Before sliding in I said a quick deep meaningful prayer. Climbed in bed and shutoff my lights. My phone beeped signifying a notification. 

From: Harry😊
 Hi Love, 
Tour has been great many memories created the lads are good as well. We've been collecting souvenirs for Darcy everywhere we've gone so far. I miss and love my two angels but we'll hopefully be back soon. xx

After checking I put my phone on charger and went to sleep

Thanks for the patience I really appreciate it. Also, thanks to everyone that has supported the book and sent ideas. 
Much love,

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