Is It Worth It?!

My name is Leanna Matthews. 3 years ago I dated Harry Styles, yes the Harry Styles from the world's biggest boyband. The thing is I have a daughter named Darcy Marie Styles- Matthews. Harry doesn't know about her and neither does the boys.......


22. CHAPTER 18

 (Ex-Bf's P.O.V)

  For weeks I've been trying to get Leanna to mines again. Each time I've tried reaching out to her she shits me down. So this time I decided to take things a step ahead, I'll take Darcy away from her if its what will get her to reach out to me. I put the letter in the mailbox that was addressed to the offices of Child Protective Services.

 Only a few days later I found out my plan was yet shut down…again. Lea will always be mine, she's my life, heart, soul. And I will do anything to get her back. The last thing i can resort to is forcing her to be mine and I know the best person for that job. Taking out my phone I call the international number.



"Who is this?"

"You don't know me but you soon enough will"

There is shuffling being heard allowing me to understand that she is obviously sitting up. "What do you need?"

"Let's just make a deal. I know you might want to get revenge on Leanna Matthews as much as I wanna get her back……"

The call ended successfully. Now I had to buy a plane ticket from the UK. Let's just say Leanna Marie Matthews will be sorry she ever ended things with me.



Hey guys I know my chapters lately have been complete poop but I promise it'll hopefully get better. I hope you semi enjoyed the chapter but I really have the worst writers block right now that it makes me wanna cry.

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