It's gotta be you *Harry Styles Fan Fiction*

Becca is a normal 17 year old girl in High School. She gets bullied all the time and she only has one friend,Michelle. But a new student,Harry Styles is in all the same classes as Becca,Will they fall in love over a period of time? And if they do?Will Harry cheat on Becca with the meanest girl in school, Rosie?


1. Prolouge


"Harry,why? You done this to me twice Harry!"I shouted at him "Becca please Rose came to me I tried to push her away but she wouldn't go away!"He said, a tear rolled down his face "Harry this is the second time!,I can't forgive you again what if it happens again?"I asked him "Becca it won't I promise"He said.He put his hand on my cheek and leaned into kiss me but I moved away. "Becca please,I love you."He said. Did he just say he loved me? Oh my god.! "Harry please give me some time I don't know yet I'll ring you later ok?Just go" I told him "Bye Becca"He leaned down and kissed me and whispered "I love you" in my ear and he walked out the door.I closed the door and sat down on the ground and said to myself "What do I do now??"

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