It's gotta be you *Harry Styles Fan Fiction*

Becca is a normal 17 year old girl in High School. She gets bullied all the time and she only has one friend,Michelle. But a new student,Harry Styles is in all the same classes as Becca,Will they fall in love over a period of time? And if they do?Will Harry cheat on Becca with the meanest girl in school, Rosie?


5. Party with Harry

Beccas P.O.V


On my way home from Harrys house I texted Michelle to tell her we're going to a party with Harry and he would pick me up at 7pm. She replied by saying "From Michelle: OK I'm on my way over to yours now to get ready. I'll see you in 5." After a couple seconds I arrived home. And there was Michelle standing at my door. "Hey Michelle, did you bring some clothes with you?"I asked her "Yeah I brought over a pink dress with some black heels and I brought over my makeup bag too"She replied "Cool would you do my makeup? I have no idea on how to do make up.. I only know how to apply mascara and eyeliner.."I told her. She laughed and said "Sure OK come on we only have an hour to get ready come on"Michelle said. We walked up my room to get ready for the party. It was six o'clock  so we had an hour to get ready. Michelle decided to go with a pink dress with black high heels and I decided to go with a white cream dress with a black blazer and black heels and I just curled my hair and also left my make-up really simple too. Before we knew it it was 7 o'clock "Wow that went by fast..!"Michelle said. There was a knock on the door. "I'll get it!"I said to Michelle. I went downstairs to answer the door. And when I answered the door there was standing a gorgeous looking Harry wearing a white button up shirt with black jeans and black converse. "Wow Becca.. you look wow"I laughed "Come on in, just go into the living room we'll be down now"I told him and went back upstairs. "Michelle are you ready to go yet?Harry is down there waiting for us"I asked her "Yeah sure lets go."Michelle replied. Me and Michelle walked down the stairs. Harry came out of the living room and into the hall. "Wow you girls look amazing"Harry said. Michelle walked in front of me and Harry, but while Michelle was in front of us, Harry whispered into my ear "But you look even prettier" Wait what?




























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