What if you found yourself inside a game? Lewis and thousands of others found themselves inside the online MMORPG: Swordsmaster. The thing is, there is no reviving, no multiple lives; if you die in-game, you die in real life. Lewis soon learns that the only way to be free is to beat the game, and that can't be done alone. Can you really trust someone you hardly know?


16. Music Box

The melancholy tune of a music box played softly as Lewis awoke the next morning. He blinked the sleep from his eyes and glanced outside. The sunlight was weak, so it was safe to say that it was only the early hours of the morning. Where was that music coming from, anyway?

A few beds over, sat a slumped figure. She was side on; her long, turquoise hair was loose and falling into her face. Clasped in her hands, was a small, china music box.

Looking closer, he could see that there was a little figure spinning within the box. It was a girl in a long, flowing ball gown. It was hard to make out the details or colours from where he was.

“You okay, Adi?” He asked, walking over to sit next to her.

She looked up briefly then nodded, returning her gaze to the music box.

Now that Lewis was closer, he could see the figurine clearly. The gown was a royal purple, with a sweetheart neckline. The girl’s skin was incredibly pale, almost completely white, contrasting with her long black hair. All in all, she looked a bit like how he imagined a vampire would.

“How did you get that?” He asked, gesturing to the music box.

“Hacked the system,” She stated in a monotone, “This is one of my favourite songs.”

He took a moment to listen closer to the tune. It was sad, and lonely, but at the same time it sounded like a lullaby. It was a nice song.

“A bit depressing though…” He looked down at the spinning vampire girl.

Adrianna didn’t say anything, just waited until girl in the music box was still and the music stopped. She stared at it for a second before snapping it shut and placing it back in her inventory. Straightening out, she tied her hair into a high ponytail and got up.

“When they wake up, say we’re having another day off.”

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