What if you found yourself inside a game? Lewis and thousands of others found themselves inside the online MMORPG: Swordsmaster. The thing is, there is no reviving, no multiple lives; if you die in-game, you die in real life. Lewis soon learns that the only way to be free is to beat the game, and that can't be done alone. Can you really trust someone you hardly know?


11. Adrianna's Return

Days and days passed, and after a week Adrianna still hadn’t shown up. Even Mike was concerned, so they travelled around both floors to ask if anyone had seen her. The majority of players were terribly rude, but there were some who wished the guild good luck.

No one had seen her since the day they defeated the boss, though.

“Maybe we should just go back to the inn,” Nina looked up at the natural colours of sunset.

Lewis looked too. The pinks and purples and oranges swirled and blended into each other and the sun itself was red. Fierce red.

Then he remembered something. Not a lot, nothing important, but even so.

Red in the morning

Shepherds warning.

Red at night

Shepherds delight.

Just a rhyme. What use was that? He sighed as Mike led them to the portal nearby.

They walked silently to the inn, a solemn procession of disappointed faces. Without Adrianna, they were lost. She was their leader; she always came up with a methodical and logical plan. She was the reason they were all still alive.

They traipsed up the stairs to their room and opened the door.

“Where have you been all day?”

There, perched on the edge of her bed, was Adrianna.


Mike ran up to her and threw his arms around her. Clearly uncomfortable, her arms hung awkwardly in the air.

“We were so worried about you,” he squeezed her tighter, yet she didn’t hug back, “where have you been?”

“Out.” She patted his head.

When at last Mike let go of her, she got up and brushed her uniform off. She, too, had black boots, thigh-high socks and pleated mini skirt, but under her armour she had a black kimono-inspired top with the signature green trim.

“We all love what you bought us! Thanks so much!” Buttercup jumped up and down on the spot happily.

She smiled at them all. It was quite menacing, actually. Even when she was happy, her eyes were still cold and murderous. That was just how she looked, and the fact that she was smiling at all made the rest of the guild smile too.

Adrianna was back.

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