Living with my cousin

my names fern and I am currently living with my cousin... Harry styles yup you heard me right THE harry styles the thing is we dont exactly get along and what happens when another member of the band falls for her... Find out NOW :) co-authors are welcome jst comment :)


1. Night night

Hey I'm Fern I'm Rose Lee's dog and tonight is Christmas eve, you see as im a dog (a very lovely gorgeous and handsome black puppy pug as a matter of fact!) My family think i don't understand Christmas but as a matter of fact I do as every Christmas eve I hear Santa shuffling down the chimney and into the living room (where the lovely and tasty Christmas tree is!) and places the presents there each Christmas i run to him and he will give me the presents to run upstairs to put in the stockings as you see im no normal dog im Santa's dog and every night i will help him until the accident Santa had bent down to put the presents under my tree when he started shaking I barked and barked and he just collapsed I called my parents who were also in the same house and they trotted in they looked at Santa and ran up stairs to get Rose she came down being dragged by my mum she sat him up and talked to him he woke up and said thank you then slowly turned into dust then drifted away.

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