By Chance

Meeting One Direction: thousands of girls dream about it and I would've never thought that it could happen to someone like me. But by chance, it did.
Things went further than I ever expected...


4. 4.

Harry's P.O.V

Caitlyn seems different to any other fan I've met, even any other girl. She's a little mysterious, I like it. She's smiling up at me and playing with the straw in her drink and I'm finding it really hard not to lean in again and try for another kiss. Her long brown hair falls over her shoulder and she tucks it behind her ear. "What's it like?" I look at her blankly, unsure of what she's meaning.

"What's it like to have everyone looking at you all the time? To not have any privacy?" She asked slightly more quite this time. I didn't really know how to answer. Usually all any of the other girls wanted to know about me was how my hair was so curly and if I really did get naked as often as I could.

"Um, I, it's difficult sometimes. But I can only really be myself I guess, I don't know if I have anything really to hide but it'd be good to have some sort of privacy." I reply, looking at her trying to figure out if it was the answer she was expecting. "Like tonight," I add. "It's been good to be able to meet you and feel like I'm normal."

She smiles now, so kindly. It makes me smile back. Her bright blue eyes meet my green, "You don't seem so normal." She joked and stuck out her tongue like we were back in school.

"Am I little different than you thought?" I laughed.

"No, you're actually quite a lot like I what I pictured." She stared back at me.

"Is that a good thing?" I asked, truly unsure of what her answer would be.

"One of the best things I could imagine."

"Now I'm interested to find out what you pictured me being like." I smirked.

"I guess only time will tell." She hinted, keeping things as vague as possible.

"Then I hope I'll see you again." I lean in slowly, "Do you think that could happen?" I ask.

"That's up to you." She leans in and meets my lips. They touch softly and then once more a bit harder but then she pulls away leaving me wanting nothing more than her lips on mine. Wow.

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