By Chance

Meeting One Direction: thousands of girls dream about it and I would've never thought that it could happen to someone like me. But by chance, it did.
Things went further than I ever expected...


10. 10.

Caitlyn's P.O.V

Holly and I are spending the afternoon shopping while the boys do a quick set rehearsal before the sound check and then the concert. I've had my fingers mentally crossed all day that they'll be able to see us from onstage.

From: Harry x Hope you girls are having fun shopping. Come to the Liam's room after the concert, we're gonna start a little end of tour party. See you then, or maybe in the crowd ;) .xx

To: Harry x We are :) Will do, sounds like fun :) Fingers crossed, see you soon xx

I put my phone back in my bag. "Let's check out that shop!" I point towards a kind of hipster looking shop with all sorts of clothing and shoes. We walk in and in no time we've grabbed a few items to try on.

"So are you going to share the details on last night?" I say entering the changing room in the corner.

"It was fun." Holly giggled entering the changing room beside mine. "He was great."

"So," I begin, coming out of the changing room in black skinny jeans and a floral mid cut jersey. I pull back Holly's curtain, she's standing with a black print tee on and only undies, "I'm guessing you guys had sex?" I asked more in a whisper now so no one would overhear us.

Holly laughed and closed her curtain so she could get changed, "Yes, we did. And I regret nothing."

I laugh with her, "That's actually awesome Hol. And I like that top by the way."

"Thanks," she yells out to me. "Those jeans make your arse look great, you should get them."

"I think I might." I smile and continue to change back into my clothes.

Once we've finished we go to counter and pay and head out the door to check out another store.

"You and Harry did too right?" Holly nudges me as we walk.

"Na, we actually didn't. We just spooned and fell asleep." I smile and remember the feeling I had as I slept next to him.

"That's adorable but you're gonna do it before we leave aren't you? I'm mean it's fucking Harry Styles. You could be fucking Harry Styles!" She shakes me in excitement. We both laugh.

"I know! I'll see what happens, it would be great though. Those tight pants he wears don't always leave much to the imagination." I giggle.

"I bet he's great in bed." She states as we enter another store, this time a shoe store.

"Hopefully I get to find out." I wink dramatically before I catch my eye on a really cute pair of heels. But then there's some really amazing ankle boots just over on the other display too. I should really be stopped from leaving the house with money because I will spend it, I have no self control.

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