Las Vegas and 5sos 16+ (ending 2)

this is the same story as "Las Vegas and 5sos 16+" up until the chapter "home" but it is different after that i wanted it to have 2 different paths.


3. the tweet

later that night my family met up with Jackie's for dinner and to go to new York new York. as we steped off the ride at new York new York my phone blew up with notifications fallows tweets and text messages i looked at my phone and noticed a tweet i was tagged in i opened my phone and saw a it someone quoted a tweet to me it said "#5sosfam i need help finding this girl and there it was a picture with me and Michel Clifford staring me right in the face. about 5 minuets later Jackie and i were drinking coffee trying to comprehend what was happening and then he found me he tweeted "thanks guys found her love u all" i stared in aww as i got a fallow from Michel and shortly after that a DM. Jackie and i headed back to our rooms that were conveniently close together. i lay on my freshly made bed and stared at the DM

 Michel:hey beautiful i think i meet u at the pool today please message me back if it was you alot of work went in to finding u.      

Me:yes it was me. how could i forget u u spilled slush all over me 

Michel: i said i was sorry will u meet me down by the pool for a few hours??

Me: my mom always told me not to meet strangers late at night 

Michel: im not a stranger :)

Me: good point be down in 10

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