Las Vegas and 5sos 16+ (ending 2)

this is the same story as "Las Vegas and 5sos 16+" up until the chapter "home" but it is different after that i wanted it to have 2 different paths.


7. hes sleeping

I woke up to the sound of knocking on the door I looked at the time 9:00 I made my way out bed grabbing a pare of yoga shorts  from my open suit case on the floor and slid them on as I walked past the chair I grabbed the sweeter hanging of the back pulling it over my head hurrying to the door that was being beaten on.  I cracked it open being careful not to reveal the still naked sleeping Michael in the bad. It was Ashton  and Calum. 

"What!" I whisper shouted. 


"We need Michael let us in" he said smirking   


"What! No keep your voice down he's sleeping" I say 


" ya we figured he was" Ashton said knowingly   


"no your not going to come in and wake him up"


" y not" they pouted"    


"Because it's not polite to wake people when they don't need to be up. nice to meet u bye the way" I say looking at Ash.    


"You too love" he said with a smile


"Okay then bye" I say trying to shut the door but was stooped bye a foot  


"not till we get him up" they said as if I were dumb   


"ill do it"i say pleading at this time really not wanting them to know we had slept together last night i'm sure Micheal would tell them it would just be weird and maybe he didn't want them to know. now i'm just searching for ways out oh my god 


"Isn't that Michael's sweeter" Calum asked 


"ya so what i borrowed it the other night and he didn't get it back  and i was cold" 


"okay whatever just let us in" 


"no" i say quietly on the bridge of tears 


"Julia' its like your kidnapping him move" Calum said getting angry 


"am not" a tear running down my face realizing i sounded like a 5 year old "please just go ill get him up" 


"Cal stop your upsetting her" that's when Calum pushed pass the door knocking me over i curled up in a ball on the floor as the door slammed shut. and i sat there crying. 


"Mike get up" Calum yelled still heated 


"what" Micheal muttered realizing it wasn't me but to guys in there he screamed 


"DUDE Y R U NAKED" Calum and  Ashton screamed at the same time 


"DUDE, WHY ARE YOU HERE" Micheal yelled back 






"well we didn't know that"




"by the door but dude u got some nice piece of-"  


"shut up Calum " Micheal said picking up the pair of sweets the boys had thrown at him and fitting them on his waist and walking over to me 



"hey i'm sorry about them there dumb asses"he lifted my head from my knees  Ashton and Calum still in the room "are you okay your not hurt right?" 


"no" i sniffled "i'm fine i just didn't necessarily want them to know what happened last night first thing and it made me realize what happened " i breathed in hard trying to collect myself Micheal's eyes softened 


"guys can you just leave please" i could here them snickering as they left Micheal wrapped his arms around me picking me up and carrying me to the bed kissing me on the cheek making me smile 


"I've always said i wanted to meet that guy that could make me smile with tears streaming down my face" he smiled too kissing me on the lips with passion 


"are you okay about last night?" 


"ya i just didn't want them to be the first to know that i lost my virginity to you last night nothing agents them i just found it to be way more embarrassing then it needed to be like when you told them you should be able to high five and stuff and i was not about to let that go down in front of me" i admit Micheal just laughed


"ya Calum just don't know when to stop sometimes and they don't know you were a virgin" he said climbing over me so his body was on one side of me and he was holding his upper body up with his elbows one on each side of me 


"ya gathered" i say looking down at him 


"so about last night.... your kinda amazing for your first time"he said turning red and burring his head into my chest in embarrassment  


"y thank you" i reply pleased with myself




"stop it" 


"What!" i say laughing confused 


"you know what" we were both laughing now 


"i honestly have no idea"


"stop-being-so-damn-cute" he said placing kisses in different places on my body the last one on my lips."i do have to go soon though" his smile fading  


"i'm going too the show tonight and tomorrow"


"well i could have gotten you in anyway i'm leaving in two days"


"it was fun while it lasted"i smiled 


"don't talk like that i expect to here from you everyday and you will be coming to visit me."


"okay" i say not believing a  word he was saying  



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