She wakes up, finding it strange considering she had just died... or had she.


2. 2

I hopped out of bed dramatically and put on some pants. I walked into my kitchen and a sudden wave of panic flooded me when I came to see the beautiful boy who had saved me from nearly being eaten, sitting on my stool. He was reading a magazine and no matter how stealthily I moved, he didn't even have to turn around to notice me standing behind him.

"How was your sleep?" He asked; eyes still fixed on the page in the magazine. I looked over and began reading an article covering the new vampire movie that had just come out. "You know, it really bothers us how oblivious people can be. Come on, vampires falling in love with humans? We all know once you fall in love with a human you turn them into one. You don't just let them continue their humanly life." He spoke so nonchalantly and his use of the words 'we' and 'us' got me thinking. It was like he could read my thought because right after he said, "Yes Veronika; you are a vampire. So am I. It's nothing to worry about."

Nothing to worry about?! I nearly passed out, but he grabbed me and navigated me to the couch where the tv was on and the news displayed the weather.

"Here," he said handing me something dark in a glass. "You need this to complete the transition"

Transistion? I thought to myself. And again, as if my thoughts were pouring out of me like captions, he said to me, "Yes. Transition. As I said before you are a vampire. Which means you need to drink this blood in the next few days or you die. The transition must be completed."

I always cringed at the word 'death'. So I took the cup and closed my eyes to take a sip.

At first I thought it would be the most disgusting thing I could ever put into my mouth. I thought it was going to be like an episode of fear factor. But as I continued sipping, I found myself unable to stop until the last drop entered my mouth.

"Hahah I see you liked it. That's good. Now that you have completed your transition, we should go get you one of these." He gestured to his ring.

"What's that?" I asked in a rather groggy voice. I coughed to fix it, then I tried again. "What's it for?"

He smiled. "Go open one of your curtains and stick one finger near a ray of sunlight."

I've seen this in too many movies, but I had to experience it for myself. I walked up and gently pulled open a curtain ever so slightly. I made sure none of my body fell into the sunlight and I carefully put one finger in.

The burn shocked me. It was like holding on to a curling wand for and hour. It was worse than any burn I'd ever had in my life. I screamed and fell to the floor.

"I said near not in." He ran to the curtain and closed it tightly. "You'll be fine. Let me see." I let go of my finger and it was like the burn had disappeared. I looked at it with a questioning look on my face. I'd seen this in so many movies and tv shows, and I'd read about it in an abundance of books, but I had no idea any of this could ever be true.

"Alright. You wait here and I'm going to get you that ring." He got up and walked towards the door. "Now that you've experienced that, I have no fear you'll be leaving this apartment. If the phone rings answer it and act normally. Do NOT tell anybody what has happened to you. Do you understand me? I should be back before nightfall." He spoke in such an angelic voice it was hard to listen to what he was actually saying. When he got to the door he turned to look at me. "Do you understand?" I shook my head in comprehension and he disappeared through the door.

I was alone.

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