She wakes up, finding it strange considering she had just died... or had she.


1. 1

It wasn't everyday when you woke up to the sound of people fighting... Three doors down from you. Or the cry of the baby... In your neighbours house.

And I most definitely wasn't used to it it. Not the supersonic hearing, the night vision eyes, and definitely not the fangs that emerged from my gums every time I smelt human blood, or even heard someone's heart beating.

It scared me... Not only three days ago my biggest problem was what cheer routine I would make the squad do for finals. And now, it was making sure I didn't devour what was left of my family.

I knew going to the party was a dumb idea, and going off with the gorgeous boy was even dumber. But hey, I'm seventeen who was going to stop me, right? So when he asked me to come outside with him, I went. And when he told me to go into the ally way with him, I did that too. It wasn't until things were getting all hot and heavy when I noticed he wasn't kissing my neck; he was biting it. But before I could let out a scream, I heard a loud crack and saw his limp body drop to the ground.

"He's not dead. Just out cold. It should keep him like that for few hours." It was too dark to see the boy with the angelic voice but I could tell he was taller than me, and way more built. "Are you okay? Here, this should heal you up quick." Before I knew what was going on, he bit his wrist and was feeding me his blood. And to my surprise, I didn't try to fight him off. Just as I finished drinking up, a man walked out of the doors to the club and the boy disappeared. The man helped me up and walked me to the front of the building. I was going to take a taxi, but my apartment was so close I figured I'd just walk.

Too bad I hadn't realized how dazed and confused I was when I walked right in front of a moving car and killed myself.

Or at least, I thought I died.

Until now. When I looked around I saw the same familiar room I saw every morning. With the posters of Arcade Fire and The Arctic Monkeys right beside each other on the wall to my right. And my curtains closed to reveal no ray of sunlight to the wall on my left.

I had no idea what time it was, or even what day it was. I could faintly hear people talking from the radio in my kitchen. Then as I focused more, it's like the radio had been placed in my head; I could hear every word.

"It's ten fifty six on a beautiful Saturday morning." Thank god. I'd only been sleeping for a few hours. I listened again, "With four days until Christmas, all you last minute shoppers should get yourselves down..." I stopped listening out of shock. FOUR DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! I haven't been sleeping for a few hours, I've been sleeping for a week!!!

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