Blood Brothers

Two brothers who lead different lives and experience war and what it means to be true heros.


6. Reputation

I stepped off the cargo plane into the Iraqi desert base where I would be meeting the squad they assigned me to here. I was coming in mid deployment because they had lost a soldier a while back and were about to go on a mission and needed a twelfth man. I didn't get know the squad name. A Jeep pulled up in front of me and two guys threw my bags in the back. I hopped in the back seat with one of them and he looked at me. He leaned forward and looked at my name tag.

"Guys..." He said and the others turned around and looked at me before the driver took off.

We pulled into the area in front of the barracks and the all hopped out and quickly walked inside. I left my bags for the time being and followed. The first guy flung the door open with so much force one of the hinges broke. Everyone on the inside looked up from their card games and beers and then seemed shocked when they saw me. The lead person who had picked me up slammed his hands down on a table in the middle of the room. One last man, the one at this table, looked up. He must have been napping.

"What is this!?" The angry soldier asked in a yelling manner.

I identified the man who had been asleep as the Sergeant as he leaned around the one who was mad.

"Our new recruit." He replied sitting back upright.

"Take a closer look!"

Everyone in the room was on edge. I could tell. The Sergeant sighed and looked back at me.

"It's Private Black. Private Marcus Black..." He said before pausing and looking at me. "W-what...?"

"Sir is everything okay? Am I at the wrong squad barracks?" I asked.

"This can't be..."


"Soldier, look at our honor wall."

I walked over and looked at a two-by-four standing upright with words carved into it. It read: "To all those who have fallen we remember you. You are not gone. You love on in spirit. We fight for you and your families as we go on every mission. You live on in our legacy and your own." I scanned through all the names, but it was the very last name that caught me off guard.

"I'm... My brother's replacement?" Just thinking it made my stomach churn like never before.

In this moment I recognized all their faces. I remembered them all from the funeral. I remembered them bringing us food and money to help us get by. I remembered everything I had ever known about them.

"Welcome to Ghost Squad kiddo... Suit up... We're leaving soon..." The Sergeant's voice trailed off.

"Did you have anything to do with this!?" The still angry soldier asked.

"No..." The Sergeant replied. "There's no way this was anything below the rank Captain... Looks like the legacy lives on."

"Legacy?" I asked.

"If you're half the soldier your brother was you'll be too good for us." The Sergeant replied.

"Oh..." I said as I went outside and grabbed my bags.

I opened put on my full suit and assembled my m4 and attached various helpful attachments. The lad thing I did was pull out my brother's picture and the bible my new pastor gave me. I opened the front cover and slid the picture into place.

"Don't worry bro... I won't let you down." I said shutting the bible with the picture and tucking it into my combat vest. "I can only hope I'm half the soldier you were."

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