Blood Brothers

Two brothers who lead different lives and experience war and what it means to be true heros.


4. A New Soldier

I sat silently on the plane in deep thought about the past six months. First David had died over on Iraq. Then I graduated from high school and followed through with my enlistment. Now, three months later, I was returning home from basic training. My parents had been at the graduation ceremony but I hung around the next few days while they drove home. I told all my buddies bye and just had some alone time in town. I could only imagine that two years ago my brother had done the same. Now he was dead and buried.

My mind went into a childhood flashback as I say in my seat. It was my third grade year.

"Marcus? You coming?"

"Yes David." I sighed climbing the tree with the airsoft gun over my shoulder. "Are you sure we won't get in trouble for this?"

"No way little bro! Come on get ready! Here they come!"

We stayed up in the tree shooting the plastic BBs at his friends till we heard sirens. He tapped he on the shoulder and whispered. He told me to climb higher and stay quiet. When the cops neared the tree he jumped down and ran like his pants were on fire. I sat in the tree for over an hour before he showed up again. He was all cut and torn up by what he later called Satan's thorn bushes. He motioned me down and I climbed down the tree with dried tears on my face and hugged him.

"I thought you left me." My voice was shaky from the cold weather and he took off his jacket putting it over the one I already had on.

"I'll never leave you little brother. All I was doing was making sure you're safe. And look here! You are!"

"But you're hurt..."

"Yeah but you're safe. That's what matters."

We returned home to our parents flipping out about our late arrival. I was sent to my room as he explained what happened. From across the house I heard the belt hitting his butt. When it was my turn he pleaded for them not to. He said it was all his fault and took two times the whippings he had received before. He daughter back the tears as he walked in our room.

"Don't worry little bro... I'm fine as long as you're okay."

I snapped back to real time as the girl beside me nudged me. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. She was thin as a sheet and had the most tender eyes and voice when she spoke.

"You okay? You're crying." She said with general concern.

"Yeah... Just thinking..." I replied looking at her.

We talked the rest of the flight home. I found out she only lived thirty minutes away from me and got her number.

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