They Don't Know About Me


3. Chapter 3

"Is this a joke?" He said. "No, it's me Mary. You gave her to me when she was born. She wants to go live with u know but I told her that you wouldn't like to because your getting ready for tour" mom said. "That's ok. I haven't seen you yet. Id love to take her on tour with me. Kaydynce?" He said. "Yes!" I said. "Would u like to go on tour with me and live with me and the boys?" He asked. "Omg!! Yes please!!" "You mother and father have taught u well. Nice maaners love," he said. "Thanks dad! I still can't believe your my dad!"

"We'll believe it. I'll pick you up tonight at 8:30. Is that ok?" I looked at mom and dad. They nodded. "Yeah it's ok. I'll see u then! Bye!" I said "Bye love." We both hung up at the same time. I guess it's true like father like daughter.

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