Starbucks Baby

Ps. This is my first movella! No hate please.
Anna worked at Starbucks in Sherman,Tx. She saw that everyday a boy came and just watched her never spoke to her just watched didn't even order from her. She was a little creeped out by that. One day when she leaving and was walking home then something happens. Find out more in Starbucks Baby.


4. Chapter 4

He threw me on the bed and started taking off my panties and started unclipping my bra and stared at my boobs for a long time and I laid there for awhile and suddenly he jumped on me and but his crore in me really fast and I screamed! He started telling me to say Zaynnn more more and I'm so horny I want more! Finally he stopped and sucked on my boons and licked my vagina and I as seriously disgusted on how horny he was. Finally he stopped got up grappled handcuffs and robe and tied and handcuffed me to the bed and I started crying. Then he told me can't wait for next week! He kept putting his bulge on me and said want to do it again? I cried even more! I kept wondering how Ally was? And if she noticed I'm gone.

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