Starbucks Baby

Ps. This is my first movella! No hate please.
Anna worked at Starbucks in Sherman,Tx. She saw that everyday a boy came and just watched her never spoke to her just watched didn't even order from her. She was a little creeped out by that. One day when she leaving and was walking home then something happens. Find out more in Starbucks Baby.


1. Chapter 1

Anna's P.O.V.

I noticed something very weird when I first started my job at Starbucks. Some guy has been watching me ever since. But the really weird thing is, he doesn't order anything. He just sits and watches me. I kept telling Ally my best friend who worked with me but she kept saying " He's probably here because he thinks you are very pretty but is to scared to talk to you." I didn't believe her because I've never gotten asked out before by anyone. Ally told me not to worry about so I kept making a bunch of coffees when I noticed he left and it was right before my shift was over too. I told Ally I would wait till she got off but she said she was working the late shift and to just go home. So I was walking home when this car started really slow behind me so I got scared and walked faster and the car sped up and pasted me man I was relieved. So I started listening to music and I finally arrived at my apartment which is actually super nice it's on the second floor though. As I was about to put the key in the door was already unlocked which scared me a bit. The only one who had the other joeys were the apartment owner and my best friend Ally. But she was at work and I remember locking my door this morning. So I was really scared but u walked in and looked around nothing was missing that's good. I looked and saw if anyone was in here and didn't see anyone and so I decided to go to a club tonight to relax myself so while I was getting ready I took a shower and got dressed and did my hair and while I was putting some makeup on I looked down for a second then someone was standing right behind me and put a rag up to my nose and put my head in a pillowcase and then I went unconscious.

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