Known forever

Julia manquil has lived next door to the Horans since she was about five. But never got the courage to talk to them. I mean their parents talk, but not Julia and Niall. They don't hate eachother they both just get a little shy. But will something bring them closer then ever before? Read this "Niall fan-fiction"


9. Speechless

Julia POV

       After the kiss ended we looked at everyone and their mouths were dropped open and their eyes wide. My face became red like a cherry at this point. Then I saw Perrie laughing, I glared at her and she shrugged her shoulders. I ran out of the room cause I'm not the type of person who likes to be put on the spot. I don't like attention at all! I ran into the kitchen and looked out th window at the beach. I heard the kitchen door open but I didn't turn around. I wasn't sure who it was but then I felt a hand on my shoulder. Out of the corner of my eye I saw it was Niall. He looked out at the window to and asked, "do you want to take a walk out on the beach?" I looked at him and responded, " yeah." We walked out the door barefooted, are feet finally met the sand. We walked on the shore of the ocean. It was sunset to with made it real pretty. Niall looked at me and I did the same. He then said, "listen Julia just ignore the rest of them, it was just a dare. We only got a little carried away that's all." I knew it, he doesn't like me. It was only a dare, nothing more, nothing less. I looked away from Niall so he wouldn't see tears swell up in my eyes. He then asked me, "hey, you ok?" I nodded my head still not making eye contact with him. I then say, "yeah, I...I'm going back up to" I walked away from him and walked back into the house and into my room. I then shut and locked the door. I couldn't help myself but I threw myself on my bed and cried. Dammit I have to stop I don't know why I'm so sad. Why do I like Niall so much? 

Niall pov

when she looked away from me I knew she was crying. Why the fuck did I say it was nothing more than a dare?!?! It meant the world to me! It wasn't just a dare! I felt electricity between us, I'll let her cool down for now and then I'll talk to her later. I have no idea what I'll say though. I need to figure it out, I'm not just gonna walk up to her and be speechless.

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